Alton Towers 2021 Season Highlights

As we approach the end of 2021, I thought it’s time to sit and reflect across the season that Alton Towers offered us, guests, during this year. What were your highlights?

The Retro Squad:

Kickstarting the year was the appearance of The Retro Squad. With 4 flat rides sprinkled across the park. Each of them brought a fresh and quirky vibe to the areas they were located in. All of which was fun and it’s something I’d love to see happen again in the future with a variation of rides.

Gangsta Granny & The World of David Walliams:

The long-awaited opening of Gangsta Granny finally came around and it didn’t dissatisfy. A gorgeous improvement to the current lineup at Alton Towers and it was another dark ride that instantly makes my heart fond. To read my full review just click the link HERE. It was nothing but a delight to see the area brought to life once again and replenished with joyful environment including the fab roaming team.

Mardi Gras:

Upbeat, bright and all-around cheerful vibes from the fab Mardi Gras. This event was new for this season, and it was loaded with live entertainment, an assortment of foods to try and it saw the park decorated out to compliment the event. It’s an event I hope we see return for the 2022 season for sure.

📸: Springy Tales


A returning favourite event from the 2020 season but it appeared to be enhanced as well. This year saw the event expand and become on a bigger scale than last. It was fab to see the further stage added for those rather wetter weather days with the indoor seating and undercover seating option. The more variety of beers was also a win!


A firm favourite and annual tradition for us returned for another season. This year saw nothing major change amongst the scare maze lineup, but it did see a brand-new family addition join over nearby The Dungeons. I heard nothing but wonderful reviews from this latest addition and I’m certainly interested to try it next season if it returns. It was amazing to get back in some of our favourite scare mazes and a personal highlight for me was the insanely fierce run-through of Altonville Mine Tours. It was also tremendous to have the entertainment across the park as well including the main stage and the shows as well as the recently introduced roaming team actors across the park.

Full review HERE


After almost 2 years without any firework display at Alton Towers, it truly was emotional to be standing on the lawns watching them again whilst celebrating their 40th anniversary. The whole show was extraordinary and was stunning. It was also great to see the park include pre-show entertainment for those guests who began their wait earlier than the start time. The atmosphere was outstanding.

Full Review HERE

Christmas & Lightopia:

A now open-to-all guests Christmas event that has multiple layers of offerings. One of which is the free-for-all Christmas Market which was a lot larger than I had anticipated it to be. The stunning Lightopia which is a following £20 or £15 for passholders alone or with the tickets into the theme park itself it’s an extra £15 for all guests. As I just briefly mentioned selected family rides are also open for an extra £16. It is great to see Alton Towers broadening their offering for everyone to enjoy and catering it for a broader range of ages too.

Lightopia Review HERE


Honestly, the 2021 season has been one of my favourite seasons to date. There has been so much to take in and appreciate including numerous new rides, a fresh area and many enhanced and different events. My personal highlight was Scarefest, Fireworks & of course, the opening of Gangsta Granny.

Well, what a season it has been for Alton Towers right? What were your highlights? I’d love to hear them in the comments or across my socials.

Thank you so much for reading!

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