5 Rollercoasters I Long To Ride

When your an enthusiast the lists of rollercoasters which you long to ride never end. Unless you are more fortunate to do them all, which I feel is an unthinkable challenge given there’s always a new one somewhere in the world! So, I thought I’d sit and have a chat about the rollercoasters which are sat on my bucket list which I am eager to experience once and for all. There is no particular order to this list as I am far too indecisive about that.

Untamed – Walibi Holland:

I have never encountered an RMC before and nor did I have any interest before this rollercoaster opening. Since this is the one that piqued my curiosity I am super keen on experiencing it once & for all. I feel as if it’s only fair for it to be my first so it’s on my to do list hopefully one day soon. It looks like a whole world of fun and one I hope to love.

Taron – Phantasialand:

It’s been years ever since its opening now & I still have found the chance to get out there to ride it. I feel a road trip could be on the cards in the coming year concluding we get 5 with our wedding planning. I love launch rollercoasters and Taron just looks perfect in every aspect. I love how long the duration seems and the fact it’s incredibly themed.

Hagrids Motorbike Adventure – Universal Islands of Adventures:

A little bit of everything I love even though I ain’t a huge Harry Potter fan myself. I feel it could be potentially the reasonable coaster I’ll ever ride but I’ll withhold judgement until the moment happens.

Velocity – Flamingo Land:

An odd one from the UK to make the list. I haven’t ever done a motorbike launch before and I think this will be the first. It has always appealed to me but I’m hanging on for their new rollercoaster to open to gain all of the Creds available to add to my list. But I love the way you are sitting on a bike and launching your way around. I don’t expect any sort of miracle number one but I do foresee a lot of fun to be had.

Rock’n’Roller – Walt Disney World:

I was heartbroken when we missed Disneyland Paris’s version by something like a month. Ever since I visited DLP as a child the curiosity always had the better of me growing up. I now am desperate to experience a version of this rollercoaster & the higher chances are it will be the Walt Disney World version! Therefore, it rightfully made this list!


What are those rollercoasters which you are desperately wanting to ride? I’d love to hear all about them in the comments or across our socials!

Thanks for reading & please feel free to share yours too!

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