Cable Launch VS LSM Coasters

So I’m a huge fan of launch coasters and something I often question myself about is what I prefer. Today’s blog is talking all about which I lust and why? I hope you all enjoy this blog.

Cable Launches:

I’ve ridden the balanced amount of both types of launches. Rita & Stealth have both got the similar impact which is the abrupt launch into the top speed. They both pack the largest punch there is. It’s the same with likes of Furious Baco and therefore you first part of your ride is probably the most enthusiastic. I find they both give this specific feeling in your tummy and set of that primary adrenaline beautifully.

LSM Launches:

I’ve ridden Icon & Red Force both of which are LSM which are gradual launches. Icons first launch does feel almost powerless to an extent more or less in comparison however the second has a little more stamina. But still, nothing compared to either Stealth, Rita or Furious Baco. Whereas Red Force last bit of launch is insanely fierce and probably the most intensity we’ve felt on a coaster.

Which Do I Prefer?

So it comes down to which do I incline towards and that’s where I’m indecisive really. Hopefully we can figure it out together as I ramble on about the pros and cons of both. So cable launches are of course full on thrill and straight in your face intensity. Whereas the LSM is more cumulative which is kind of relaxing I guess. Both of fun nonetheless. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!


Which do you think is better?

Thank you for listening to me ramble on about two types of launches!

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