Trip Review | Lightopia at Alton Towers December 2021

It took a reasonable fraction of time before I agreed to book this light trail. If it weren’t for Warwick Castles I doubt I would have booked it in all honesty. But we did and that’s why I’m writing you this blog post! I feel as if there’s a lot of to discuss in all honesty. I headed in open minded as to what was entail and this is how it went…

Tickets & Entry:

In all honesty before we had visited we heard so much in regards to how confusing and unorganised the ticketing system was. However, when we arrived it was very plain sailing and simple. Entry to the Christmas market is complimentary and parking is an upcharge to those who don’t hold season passes. That’s easy right? Then you head down the left to Lightopia and there is an enormous entrance sign where your tickets get scanned. It was that easy. If you have tickets purchased for the theme park itself then maybe it could get a bit disorganized.

The Route:

I think the route for the walk was perfect. It was the ideal length in comparison to what I had anticipated it to be. The route was excellent as well. Getting to see some of the rides during their winter maintenance is ideal for us geeks. But also it included a fair proportion of the park as well. It made brilliant use of the walkways.

Lightopia Itself:

I was that person who went “oh it’s just some lights what’s the point” that’s my honest reaction to when it got announced. I do abandon that and know exactly why it’s so highly rated.

You head through the seasons of the years and see the popular events which Alton Towers hosted throughout the year. You begin at the season we are currently in which is of course Christmas & winter. There was a a lot of cool lighting which makes it feel a little colder than it is. You pass by Wickerman and the theming bits were lovely. A personal highlight for me was the Polar Bears on the water nearby the Katanga Canyon sign.
You then head into Spring which includes the liking of Katanga Canyon which is home to Runaway Mine Train & then proceeds into Gloomy Wood home to Duel. My highlight from this section had to be the little beach Easter egg section.

Next up was of course Summer. I adored the uplifting vibes from this section. It felt exceedingly pretty. This section stretch through into Forbidden Valley into the start of The Haunted Hollow. Highlight bit for me was the beach area on the way into Forbidden Valley.

Heading down the Haunted Hollow I was awfully excited to see what they had put together for the Halloween section of this walk through. It certainly did not disappoint. This entire section was incredible & it just made me so cheerful having that touch of spookiness to embrace. I adored the fact they included the Freaky Five characters into this walk through. But the highlight for me was the huge haunted house towards the end of the walkthrough.

This marks the end of the walk through. It truly is well worth every penny and something which I can’t recommend enough checking out this festive period.

Audio & Food Offering Throughout:

There is what I refer to as a planet coaster like audio throughout. It is uplifting and what I can only describe as sunny to the ears kind of music. If you get peckish on the way around the walk Forbidden Valley has their food outlets available. We grabbed a hotdog midway around.


As I said above I was hesitant to book originally but I am so glad I did. It was such a magical thing to experience and it was wonderful to see Alton Towers yet again pull of such a stunning event. There was several photo opportunities and so much to look at. I’d set aside a couple hours of your day to truly embrace what they have on offer.

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Have you visited yet or got your trip booked? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you so much for reading!

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