Trip Report | Alton Towers Fireworks 2021

After almost 2 years without this event, it was truly amazing to be back again. The minute of stepping into Tower Street it’s inevitable how grand it is going to be. Let’s have a chat about this overall event!

Getting In:

Of course, yesterday and it felt almost as if it was an off-peak day. It technically was given it was a weekday and it’s not half term. So getting in was exceptionally simple. The monorail was down which meant we had to walk which as many of you know already I ain’t a fan of that walk at the best of times. But I’d recommend having your pre-books & tickets ready to scan & show. It just saves a lot of time faffing.

The Rides:

Ride availability was up & down but that’s to be anticipated at the end of what feels like a lengthy season. But strictly speaking, it wasn’t all that bad and we managed to ride everything we wished to except Thirteen. As for the ride queue times it was as you would expect them to be during the usual off-peak weekday almost. It was beautiful to get back on some of our favourites as per usual and we even managed a front row ride on Wickerman!

Of course, 5 pm is when X Sector, Spinball Whizzer & Dark Forest areas close for the firework display but they do reopen afterwards. Every other ride across the opposite side of the park remains open during & after the fireworks too.


It felt rather unusual to see a stage set up on the lawns during the fireworks. But it just gave more of an atmosphere than in earlier years! There were only 3 showtimes including the fireworks available which are to be expected given you can’t exactly sit around and watch shows as the lawns were clear for people to stand on to watch the fireworks. The pre-show begins at 5 pm and runs until the fireworks begin.

The Fireworks:

Right, the story of this year’s fireworks were a celebration of their 40th birthday which had us sold the minute it got announced. I adore any kind of nerdy theme park celebration. There were a few niggles which I found but hear me out on them. To begin with, the use of screens was fab but I think they required to be a tad larger for many to comprehend what was being shown on them. I caught a few bits but it was quite tough to see and we were on lawns watching as well. I loved how they incorporated them to represent each rollercoaster. My next niggle was the fact some rides got skipped amongst the celebration & Wickerman had around about 2 seconds worth of acknowledgement.

Okay, so the insignificant things I wish were improved aside. The firework display was tremendous I have never seen them so good before. It was effortlessly the largest show we have ever watched. The lighting show was impeccable as well. I found the full atmosphere that the lasers & lights created were powerful. A personal highlight segment of the show was just how utterly chaotic The Smiler section was if I had to put together a show to symbolize that ride it would have been exactly being that section down to the t.


It just felt so special to be stood on the Alton Towers lawns watching the park throw an enormous celebration for their history. The park means the world to us and it is a special place for us so watching them grow this show over the past however many years is fab. The entire day was fab and we had a beautiful visit. We can’t wait to return Sunday afternoon for some more time at the park ahead of the closed season!


Did you visit the fireworks yesterday or are you visiting over the weekend? What were your thoughts on the show?

Thank you so much for reading!

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