Coming To The UK Theme Parks in 2022

Firstly, let me begin of with a tiny apology and acknowledgement to my rather jokey blog post I shared earlier this year regarding what’s coming next season. It’s funny enough one of my extensively viewed post of this year, I really do hope it brought some laughter and light to you all. Thank you for putting up with my silly old ways and if you are curious as to what I’m babbling on about check it out HERE.

It’s the last day of 2021 and what a rather crazy year it has been. The UK has seen various new rides & attractions open. We’ve seen a broad amount of fresh event offerings and some insight into what is about to come for the following season. The majority of activity is pending over at Blackpool Pleasure Beach which we will discuss in just a sec. This blog post is established upon everything we know at the moment, I will come back if & when more is announced. Let’s crack on shall we?

Valhalla’s Re-Opening – Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

Valhalla is set to open its doors once again to those who are brave enough to potentially get soaked. Back in 2019, it was announced that this ride was set to face a re-imagining. Nobody truly knows what truly has been altered or to what point the differences have withstood. What we do know however is Valhalla is set to sail again in 2022. The exact date is yet to be confirmed but as normal keep an eye out on our social media and we shall we keep you guys up to date!

Enso (Icon) – Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

A very unexpected announcement was made not all that long ago and that’s Icon is set to face some transformations. It’s something which I did not anticipate to see given this coaster is so new still. The icon is set to feature spinning seats on the back of two rows. Further information can be found HERE.

Farmyard Flyer – Paultons Park:

Tornado Springs which was new for 2021 is set to receive a new junior rollercoaster named Farmyard Flyer. This is more or less aimed at those too young to ride Storm Chaser. I feel it could complete the area perfectly and allow the area to be inclusive for all ages & preferences. Check out my Q&A with Paultons Park where we talk about this new rollercoaster HERE.

10-Inversion Coaster – Flamingo Land:

Okay, I know this was also incorporated in this blog post last season. But with one thing and another it, unfortunately, did not open this year. However, this is set to open in 2022. It still is yet to receive a name or at least it’s yet to be revealed. It’s a duplicate of Colossus over at Thorpe Park but will feature lap bar restraints rather than over the head. Again once the date is confirmed for the opening I shall report back.

3 New Attractions For CBeebies Land at Alton Towers:

Arriving in Spring 2022 at the Alton Towers Resort is 3 brand new attractions that are going to be placed within CBeebies Land. One of which is called ‘Hey Duggee Big Adventure Badge’ which is a new play & adventure land. The second edition is ‘Gran Gran At Home’. Alongside these two newbies is another addition ‘Adventurous Dinosaur Dig’ which is going to be a new interactive show.

Project V at Drayton Manor:

The information regarding this teaser is quite minor & little to zero. I’m not solely sure it’s getting referred to as Project V but that’s what I’ll indicate it as given the video which circulated. This could well be for another year rather than next but it’s worth mentioning ahead of any additional information as it’ll without a question worth keeping an eye out for. I’d love to hear your theories and speculation on this front. Approx 30 minutes after this blog post went live this site regarding this new project which is also now confirmed for 2022 went live, click the link HERE to check it out.

2 New Rides Arriving at Fantasy Island:

One of the two brand new rides set to open at Fantasy Island include a brand new indoor interactive dark ride, this ride will be known as Harrington Flint’s Island Adventure. I think this will be a brilliant addition to the lineup for the park. Another ride that is set to be joining is The Guardian which appears to be some sort of robot arm style of a ride.


There is a slight insight into what can be expected from the UK theme parks in 2022. As always I shall share news & update this blog post as of & if we receive any further updates on newbies to join the already discussed lineup.

Thank you so much for reading & which are you most excited to experience?

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