Ride Experiences I Want To Forget..

It seems my retired ride blog posts last month, you can find it HERE went down a treat for you guys & some of your stories provoked me to share this blog post alongside it being Ants idea… even if I am about to call him out in this haha. So, today I’m here to chat about those ride experiences I’d relatively neglect than remember!

Getting Urinated On Whilst Riding Galactica:

Yes, it is as bad as it sounds. It was repulsing. We were sat on the 4/5th row with a group of younger girls in front. We turned the corner out of the station and we spotted a drip from the row ahead. But you don’t assume it’s wee you just assume it’s where the seats have been rinsed or whatever. Heading up the lift hill and we saw people fleeing from the interactive bit then we heard the girls laughing. It turns out one of the girls had wet themselves and the entire ride we were having wee flicking back at us. It was horrendous. I’m sure I have the picsolve picture from that exact ride… just look at Ants face it says it all! But the worst part of this story afterwards the girl was boasting about it and ran off without notifying a member of staff. I’ll forever be cautious to ride again haha.

Ant Being Sick Over Me On Dragons Fury:

This is a recent crisis that’s occurred which I’d rather disregard. We rode the Adventure Tree carousel prior and sat on the self-spin barrel and Ant decided to go crazy on the spinning. Overdone if you haven’t already guessed & if you ask him it’s my fault… typical man, right? *eye roll*. Of course, we rode Dragons Fury afterwards, two fierce spins in and row, what do you know, sick all over me. It was tragic. Enjoy the image inserted pre-sick hahaha. I’ll never get over the staff’s reaction when Ant politely informed them what happened… “ohhh nooo” in the horrified tone I’ve heard. It’s safe to say it was a trip to remember haha.

Utter Disaster On Steeplechase:

You’ve heard this story countless times, I’m sure. But for those who skipped it. Trying to get off Steeplechase has become a dreaded situation for me and this time clarified exactly as to why. I squished the worker’s fingers between my foot and the horse, awkwardly apologised, of course. As I swung my leg over the person waiting to get off I then booted and almost knocked her phone below the track, awkwardly apologising. Then kicked Ant on the moment of getting off. It was everything further than elegant and a time in which I had wished the ground to swallow me up in.

Back-Breaking Colossus Breakdown:

I don’t particularly care for breakdowns they never phase me or make me feel frightened by any means. I always know I’m safe if a breakdown occurs as an error had been detected etc. But this was startling & moderately painful. Heading up the lift hill during Love Island lates and the lift halted the train then rolled back into the anti-roll-backs (they done their job, to say the least) but when I say it felt as if we slammed into a wall, it did. I can honestly say I must have counted every single star and cloud in the sky that evening. Once we set off we were flying around that track, abnormally fast. It was one of the best rides we’ve had but the pain of those anti-rollbacks was violent.

Hungover Derby Racer:

I’m uncertain who to blame it’s either Alan (Springy Tales) or John (ATJ). Either way hungover derby Racer… I do not approve it by any means. The evening prior we were on the bevvy’s till god knows what time in the morning, the lush night of course. But the spinning and up & down movement of those horses, well, that was traumatic. It was the only ride I managed to do that day before I headed home. Ferocious lads, brutal. Enjoy the quite hungover picture of me about to take my ride on Derby Racer.

The Day Before

Ah, a little heart blog post for y’all to enjoy. I’d love to hear about those ride experiences you’d rather forget about in the comments or across my socials!

Thank you so much for reading!

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