Rides I Have Retired From Riding Again

I had no idea what to title this blog post as if you couldn’t tell from the title already haha. But has anyone else entered that phase in their enthusiast life where you have hung up your boots on riding specific rides until their final rides? I certainly have. I guessed it’d be fun to share those rides with you guys & have a little chin wag about it too.

Enterprise – Alton Towers:

I stopped riding this ride around 3 years ago now. During the first few years of visiting Alton Towers, it was often a must-do for me as I loved to complete each area in one day. But the times I rode the more repeatedly than not I came off feeling quite sick from it. It began with less pleasure and more of a dreaded minute ride-cycle for me. I have found my stomach has become rather sensitive to determining the number of rides for me to do. But for me, I have had my years of joy on it I no longer feel like I have to ride.

Rattlesnake – Chessington World of Adventures:

It’s been almost 4 years since I last rode this coaster and I have no guilt on the absence of riding I have done since. I can, by all means, understand why some may applaud these rollercoaster species but they have never been one of my favourites. The wonderful amount of pain the harsh braking causes is not worth it in itself. But also I get bizarre anxiety when going around those compressed bends on the taller sections of track that it is far from entertaining for me.

RC Racer – Disneyland Paris:

This ride was unique, yet it just never did a thing for me. Disneyland Paris is home to so many remarkable rides I’d preferably not spend my time queuing for this when I could be on something I cherish. Therefore, my days of RC Racer are done with. Again I can see why some may enjoy. But to me it’s far too bland to enjoy.

Steeplechase – Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

I haven’t ever been an enormous fan of this rollercoaster anyway. But after my embarrassing crisis a few years back I have not touched the thing since and nor do I feel the desire to neither. I’m fairly small so getting on & off the horses can be somewhat problematic. But I’ve had so many days as a child where I rode this that it has become pretty sour for me now. As always I do appreciate why some enjoy but it is not for me.

Vortex – Thorpe Park:

Similar reasoning as Enterprise it’s always been a ride that I wouldn’t say I have appreciated as such. We frequently got the dreary perspective of the ride with being on the lower section when swinging up in the air. But also again it is an endeavour to get onto the seats and all-around rather too sickly for me to handle. Therefore, I passed my riding time for this a few years ago to make sure I welcome those rides which I idolize a lot more.


It doesn’t come down to the ride itself being shit because that’s no ride is, every ride has its decent fractions to its bad. It’s more or less those rides I have outgrown over the years that I won’t be wishing to ride again.

Do you feel this way about any particular ride? I’d love to hear all about them in the comments!

Thanks for reading & definitely share your retired rides in the comments or across my socials!

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