Ranking The Rollercoasters at Disneyland Paris

It’s been approximately two years since we travelled to Disneyland Paris & which makes me somewhat sad. But I thought I’d analyze the best trip to any theme park I have ever had by discussing my least loved rollercoaster to my favourite of the visit. Unfortunately, during our visit, we didn’t manage to ride Crush’s Coaster or Indiana due to their annual maintenance stint clashing with our trip. So, let’s talk about those which we did manage to do whilst there!

Just to make it easier to understand. I’ll be talking about them in the order of my least favourite to favourite. I hope that’s helpful!

RC Racer:

I’m not solely sure as to what I anticipated from this type of rollercoaster if that’s what you want to call it? But I was underwhelmed by the abrupt cycle and lack of everything that it had to provide. I anticipated it to be relatively intense than it was. It’s one of those I’ll cheerily avoid next time I visit.

Casey JR:

A complete jump from RC Racer and this rollercoaster was precious on so numerous levels. It had such a pure little theme to it with the themed carriages and ridiculously addictive onboard audio. It was one of those which we rode every day of the trip exclusively for that uplifting vibe that it gave. It is one of the decent junior rollercoasters we have ever seen and experienced.

Hyperspace Mountain:

This was a lot favourable than I had ever believed it to be. The Star Wars overlay wasn’t something I was overly fond of before riding yet quite enjoyed whilst on the ride. The unknown aspect of the track amplified the additional thrill factor for me as I had no idea which way to brace myself or where any of the elements were. Even by the end of the holiday I had no clue still. The restraints were also comfier and helped to avoid the usual head bashing you’d expect from this type of coaster.

Big Thunder Mountain:

It was my first ever rollercoaster and I adore it to this day. Every inch of this coaster is perfect. It has a satisfactory duration and some pops of intensity too. The theming is beautiful and can  be appreciated on & off ride which is always delightful. The carriages were really huge in comparison to our style of mine trains. There’s so much to take in whilst riding and it’s very addictive, to say the least. It’s one of my all-time favourite rollercoasters in general too.


How do you rank the rollercoasters at Disneyland Paris? I’d love to know!

Thank you for joining me in today’s blog post, I do appreciate your time! Chat again soon!

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