What Is It About Drop Towers That Are So Terrifying?

My commitment for the year is to at least attempt to conquer my fears of drop towers. As with any fear figuring out the route of the fear is almost key right? So, I thought I’d sit down & just have a chin wag over the factors of a drop tower I think scares me. Who knows it could help one of you guys too?

The Height:

A lot of drop towers almost have to be high to be good is what I have analyzed. I’m okay with drops like Tower of Terror which is indoors, how high am I? I don’t care given it’s enclosed. But those exposures to height knocks me sick instantly. More often than not they tend to crawl up to the top as well which just strengthens that fear I’m sure of it. Apocalypse is the prime example of size for me. Leaving that station just instantly makes my legs go-to jelly. Yet I can tolerate heights on rollercoasters now but just not on these things.

The Wait:

I cannot stand the anticipation of when you’ll fall into a pit of doom. The wait often tends to feel either like a second or 5 hours I’m sure of it. If it was straight up & down would it be easier?

Sensation of Falling:

I hate this sensation and always have done. I had a lot of nightmares as a child where I was falling. Maybe that’s the cause of that anxiety? Who knows? But there’s nothing worst than waiting to end then boom your plunging towards the ground.

The Gut-Wrenching Feeling:

That gut-wrenching emotion of plummeting downwards is terrifying. It just makes me let out the utmost scream of terror I can’t even help it neither. I always find that feeling almost mortifying, to say the least. It leaves me trembling for at least an hour afterwards. But maybe that feeling is more fierce given the anxiety I feel about falling.


I know this is silly on so many levels given these machines are safe and have security features that would distinguish this kind of thing. But my anxiety-riddled brain often coups up some horrendous ideas about what if this happens or doesn’t happen. It truly does traumatise me more. Therefore, I’ll be falling and thinking about what is gonna happen to me if these brakes do not stop us. Please, don’t listen to my brain people cause there’s a little to no chance I know but at that time my mind idolized to frighten me.


To some I have just listed everything that makes a drop tower exciting and thrilling for them, right? So, let’s establish the fact that quite literally everything about a drop tower scares me. Now, how does one overcome that? I’m going to try a range of strategies to assist like simply fleeing my brain for a little while, I’ll figure out how I’m sure. But I’m fascinated as to what about these styles of rides Scare you?

Thank you so much for reading & to my fellow drop-tower Fear buddies, we’ve got this!

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