Rides Which I Hold Dearly To My Heart & Why?

If you haven’t guessed already I adore theme parks. But it’s a lot more than just an easy I love theme parks. I tend to find I connect with selected rides on a much deeper level as they’ve helped me at some stage of my life or they hold a special memory for me. So, let’s dig a little deeper into those rides you’ll repeatedly see me speak fondly off.

Pirates Adventure – Drayton Manor:

I know I know, how predictable right? If you have been a reader of mine for a while you’d have seen me confess my love on countless posts. But this was THAT moment for me. It gave me the chance to uncover my imaginative yet nerdy side. But me exploring that also really helped me through a substantial tough patch of my childhood. My parents were breaking up around this time & multiple other tragic occurrences were going on around me. But with the pure interest in this ride, allowed me to find a retreat in outlining & drawing ride designs but also just to have the investment of needing to know further about this ride. It was the ideal distraction to what was happening around me.

Rollercoaster – Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach:

In between learning my enthusiasm in Pirates Adventure, this was next to my encounter with anything rollercoaster associated. Yet it was also my first-holiday post-parent breakup and it truly did boost my internal fascination which was already evolving for theme parks. I always remember riding this rollercoaster and then finding out the fact I truly adore woodies.

Shockwave – Drayton Manor:

My first ever looping rollercoaster. I was terrified, to say the least. It was just as I was starting secondary school and I recall thinking if I’m heading into my teenage years it’s time I just conquer this fear. It worked even if I cried before even leaving the station. I remember my mum telling me I’d love it once I do it and she wasn’t wrong. I’ll always be appreciative for this coaster in just giving me that opportunity to unfold my wings and endure my foolish fears at that time. It gave me so much assurance in trusting other rides.

Wickerman – Alton Towers:

This & Icon were my first in-person experience with following a construction. It was so extraordinary to watch. I’ll always remember that snowy day where we had every last hope it would open. Of course, it never! We did manage to catch it during the soft opening and it was the first ride to ever leave me lost for words. It took all I had predicted and threw it so far out of the window it was insane. I’ll forever cherish this coaster and treat it like my own baby as watching the construction process does give you entirely new gratitude and love for it.

Icon – Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

Icon was similar to Wickerman yet I had more hype for this rollercoaster at the time of construction. My first ever double launch, inverting launch & LSM launch. That’s a lot of launch firsts in one sentence, right? But this also holds the fond memory of the press day. It was my first time getting recognized by a park and it still does to this day mean the world to me. I’ll always remember turning up in utter scepticism I had even been invited and to stand amongst some of my favourite YouTube channels was crazy too. The ride itself was everything. I truly did love it so dearly I still do but the older I got the less I’m able to stomach the sickly aspects. But I’ll always remember shifting and altering seats with other enthusiasts that day to see how many rides we could have on it, turns out it was 22 in total!

Big Thunder Mountain – Disneyland Paris:

My first ever rollercoaster & my current favourite. It’s insane how time can pass by yet it’ll always come back to the exact one. As a child I did not say this was my favourite it would have scared me, I can recall crying all the way around. I was a wimp. But riding it as an adult is another story. I hold this exceptionally dear to my heart solely for the fact I last rode that before 2019 when I was 4 years old I had just outgrown my seizures at this point so I was able to ride stuff like this and I went back in 2019 and rode it was a 20-year-old adult with the love of my life & was freshly engaged. Crazy times!

Pirates of the Caribbean – Disneyland Paris:

It was always a dream of mine as a child after falling in love with Pirates Adventure to re-visit Disneyland Paris to ride this ride. My dream came true alongside the dream of getting engaged to Ant. The second day of our trip felt all so blurry but I remember having a strong wave of emotion fall over me as that boat left the station. It was all I had hoped it would be & if not more. The smells, scenes and entire ride experience was outstanding. My dream came true and it did not disappoint. You can read my love letter HERE.


There you have those rides which are forever dearly held close to my heart. I’d love to know what yours is & why?

Thank you so much for reading!

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