2022 Theme Park Resolutions & Goals:

Happy new year one & all. I ain’t typically one to set myself goals to achieve for the year ahead as I don’t often tend to stick them in all honesty. Of course, there is still a heap of uncertainty regarding the ongoing pandemic. But that aside here are some of my New Years resolution theme park related.

Face My Fears:

Believe it or not, I do have a handful of fears when it comes down to theme parks. You’d comprehend visiting them as much as I do fears are a thing of the past but I can reassure you that’s not the case, unfortunately. I’m intensely frightened of Revolution at Blackpool Pleasure Beach for example but more specially Drop Towers. Not including the SBF types but Detonator & Apocalypse more precisely. So, this year I intend to push myself to face those fears!

Ride Those Rides I Gave Up On:

That is as sad as it sounds. There are a few rides I tend to pass by and think “I’ve done it so many times what’s the point”. The closed season has enabled me to reevaluate this decision & see how sad it is. Therefore, I’m gonna put more time into really welcoming all of those rides that I haven’t cared for years. Beginning with a cheeky ride on Runaway Mine Train & Blue Flyer.

Visit One New Theme Park:

I believe I am capable of achieving this season given I am yet to visit Flamingo Land. Therefore, that shouldn’t be too hard to tick off the list. Anticipating the opening of the brand new rollercoaster I’m praying this will be the year. I’ll be even more chuffed if we manage more.

Gain At Least 5 New Creds:

My coaster count has been moderately motionless on those cheeky extras. Therefore, I have a small number of shameless coasters I could use to get those 5 plus ones. So, I plan to draft a plan to put together a road trip to gain those 5. It’ll be 5 closer to 150 I guess.

Share More Instagram Vlog Style Stories:

I began sharing this kind of thing last season & I’ll openly confess the anxiety I felt prior was horrendous. But I want to grow within myself and achieve some confidence. Therefore, when I’m feeling good I’m gonna endeavour to share this style of thing specifically to allow myself to grow in confidence. So, hopefully, this is something you’ll see more off.

Support Other Content Creators More:

We are such a valuable community with some insanely talented creators. 2022 is going to be the year I expand the subscriptions on YouTube and discover new channels & people. I’ve been somewhat stuck in my same old ways the last year with the creators I already discovered. But right now I am eager to find some small and new-for-me channels to support and share with you guys as well. If you are a new channel whether you do Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, Blogging etc. Pop your links below!


First blog post of the year and I believe it’s a relatively positive one at that! I’m enthusiastic to see what this year has in store for us and I can’t wait to embark on my 4th year of Coasters on the Coast with you guys. If you are a theme park or attract related account, please feel free to drop your links below or across my socials!

Thank you so much for reading & heres to a new year and new start!

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