What To Do at Alton Towers Besides The Rides?

Alton Towers is home to multiple attractions to explore aside from the remarkable lineup of rides & rollercoasters. So, today I thought I’d share a few of those things that are for non-riders and not to be ignored in general. I hope you enjoy this blog post. 

Alton Towers Gardens:

If you are new to visiting Alton Towers you may not know that in the soul of the the park is their delightful gardens. There is so much to explore within the gardens including the iconic pagoda fountain & the conservatories too. You can use this as a way to get from one area to another to more specifically Forbidden Valley to Dark Forest. However, that route does contain several steps, so if you are not someone who manages steps greatly then it’ll be easier to take the Skyride or walk the alternative route.

The Tower Ruins:

The Towers aren’t permanently accessible to guests due to the preparation of Scarefest that usually initiates anywhere between July & late August. However, if you visit before this time we’d highly recommend exploring them. There is so much to see and so many unprecedented views of the park itself to take in. What’s not to love? It’s always so peaceful inside as well-meaning it’s great to snatch a break from the madness of the park and just have a respite. Alton Towers


Located within Splash Landings Hotel is the fab Waterpark. This is an up-charge attraction and Merlin Annual Passholders do receive discounts on the tickets. This Waterpark for us is an all-day visit. There is a lot to experience including various slides, hot tub, lazy river, outdoor pools & slides. Inside is an area for those too young for everything else on offer. There are also two cafes to eat and drink from as well.

Extraordinary Golf: 

Just outside the Monorail station is the fab golf. The tickets are reasonably priced and again a discount is available here for passholders. You have a choice between 6 or 12 holes and each hole is themed to a different Alton Towers ride, past & present. It’s a wonderful thing to explore as an enthusiast as it’s always nice to see the park embrace its history.

Sealife Centre: 

Free to entry with your admission into the Theme Park. Again, this is a beautifully themed Sealife centre and by all means, it’s not the longest. But it’s just brilliant to escape those crowds and the noise of a busy theme park. This attraction is located within Mutiny Bay nearby Maurders Mayhem.


There you have some of the additional things to enjoy whilst visiting Alton Towers! Which of these are your favourites or one you are most excited to experience?

Thank you so much for reading…

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