What I Think Valhalla Will Look Like After It’s Re-Imagining…

So, you may have seen a photo pop up on Twitter teasing Valhalla’s re-Imagining that is set to open next year. It gave me an inkling as to which way I think they’ve taken the ride down. Which then meant I just had to discuss with you guys!

After seeing the photo and having a long old ponder on what potentially has been done to the ride, I couldn’t help but come to the idea of them taking the ride down a darker and more sinister theme. I’m not talking terrifying I’m thinking more along the lines of a spooky orientation so everyone can enjoy it.

I feel Valhalla always had an eerie vibe to it anyway which I’m not entirely sure whether that is only me feeling that way. But with some additional tweaks and theming it really could be made something unique but spooky at the same time. The overall ride had enough darkness, to begin with, all it perhaps desired is props.

There have been some vague mentions of a difference within its layout. This then leads me to my next belief of the fact it’ll be less moist. A lot of the faults people had found with the ride was it’s not enjoyable all year long. Anytime between May-August given the weather is promising often it’ll be a very loved ride. Yet the other 3-4 months of operation it’ll get barely any queues as people knew to avoid it to avoid been exceptionally cold. It almost felt pointless during the colder months and a god send during the hotter. Whereas you tone that wetness down then it’s worth the adequate splash for the former quality which I can only imagine is even more of the case now.

I believe we’ll see a satisfactory number of changes made including the effects receiving an update to ensure they are reliable. Animatronics added as I’m fairly optimistic there wasn’t any & overall props becoming a modern version of themselves. We are all aware of the extended station as it’s visible from the outside. I think we could potentially see the boat receive a drainage system or new boats.


How do you think Valhalla will re-open? Be sure to share your predictions & theories!

Thank you so much for reading!

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