Trip Report | Wilderfest at Chessington World of Adventures – August 2021

Last Saturday we headed to Chessington World of Adventures to experience their brand new event for 2021 Wilderfest. So, I thought I’d sit and have a chat about the event and our day at Chessington.

Wilderfest Event:

Themed Audio:

As soon as you enter the park your ears are filled by with upbeat and feel-good audio and it immediately gets you in the mood for the event. I loved the audio that’s across the park, it really does make you feel fantastic and so positive in all honesty. If you have visited please let me know if you also couldn’t help but bop your way around the park?

Festival Fields:

The perfect location to get stuck amongst the event as well as chilling out. I do believe this area was set to home a Helter Skelter during the event which unfortunately was not there during our visit at least. Within this area, there were family fun games to get involved with, food wagons that smelt immense and VIP huts that guests could hire. Next door to Festival Field was Backyard Beach which is another great opportunity for families and guests to unwind. This little area again just echoed the general vibe of the event perfectly and it almost felt like a genuine festival!


This event surely did not leave Chessington short of entertainment across the park. There were multiple stages set up and used including small stands within select areas with performers on, the ‘Mane’ stage and the smaller stage or as it was known for the event ‘Mini Stage’ all used to host shows on. Alongside those stages, I have just mentioned were various roaming actors/actresses across the park interactive with guests. Over the smaller stages were individual performers who were performing well-known songs which added this real nice relaxed undertone to the areas. The main stage hosted what I believe is the main show where the guests chose their headliners. This show was almost like a singing contest and the crowd had to clap and cheer for their winner after all 3 performers finished their performances to vote for their winner. It truly was like a big party and everyone who watched clearly had an incredible time too. The ladies who performed on the day of our visit were fab in all honesty. The entertainment did spread widely across the park and created an incredible vibe. Chessington is always a park with a tremendous entertainment line up on the average day and Wilderfest strengthened the shows on offer which was fab.

Our Day:

The Rides:

The rides at Chessington always leaves me with so much joy to ride again. They are all so adorable and wholesome in their own particular ways and some of which are absolute classics. It was wonderful to experience the dark rides again as on our last visit they were still closed. All the rides which we did were riding really well. It was great to do Croc Drop again and this time felt a lot different to the first ride we had. There was more of a drop tower sensation on the first drop-down, unlike the first time where it took to the 3rd bounce to feel much. I do feel as if Croc Drop is going to be one of those rides where my feelings will differ quite frequently with each and every ride we have.

The Zoo:

Something which we don’t often do is stroll around the zoo. We tend to spend more time amongst the rides than elsewhere. However, with it being a Saturday at the peak of summer and the school holidays the queues for rides were as long you can guess, so it was the ideal opportunity to spend some time around the zoo and see the newer animals which we haven’t seen before now. One of my favourite animals are the Penguins which we fell lucky with timing as we caught the keeper feeding them and it kept us engaged for a short while!


We had a great visit and found the event was brilliantly put together. It was exactly the atmosphere and mood that everyone needs after the year of craziness we have all been through. Chessington has yet again done an amazing job with the event and seen how remarkable it was just  made me even more excited for their Halloween event. The park looked stunning with the extra decor around. Chessington is always a lovely park to visit as it is and the event just enhanced its charm.

Have you experienced this event yet? This event will be going on until the 31st of August, I’d love to hear your opinions on the event!

To book your tickets to check out this fab event, simply click HERE.

Thank you so much for reading..

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