Blackpool Pleasure Beach Opening Day 2020

The 2020 season has begun for Pleasure Beach as of last Saturday. So let’s have a chat about how the weekend went and our day at the park. We hope you all had a lovely weekend and it was lovely to meet so many of you guys.

Let’s begin with addressing the situation surrounding Valhalla given the fact it’s being re-imagined and re-opening in 2021. They have popped some boards up around the exterior of the ride with speakers on top which still play the Valhalla audio. It’s a lovely touch which makes Valhalla still feel very much alive. As for work being done all you can see is scaffolding up around the front end of the station. Of course we are very excited to see what happens with this fab ride and can’t wait to experience it again next season.

The UK was taken over by Dennis and Pleasure Beach handled the situation perfectly. We couldn’t find any faults with the park at all everything ran as smoothly as possible. Of course majority of the coasters were on one train which was most definitely the safest situation given the increase on weather & the warnings that was put out. Big One was running beautifully for majority of the day, of course it went up & down when the wind got too bad. But the staff were incredible for ensuring the rides stayed open as long as possible and getting things back up whenever they went down. Grand National is the fab example for this. We went to ride it twice and the dark blue carriage always seemed to be getting evacuated from the left side of the station. They would test it and it would instantly re-open. Everything else was running pretty smoothly. The staff and operation was outstanding and we can’t praise them enough. Absolutely smashing day filled with smashing operations.

There’s been so many positive changes across the park. Big One’s station had seen some of the best improvements. Inside there was a front row queue, speedy pass has a new entrance and all told it’s much more better. River Caves triggers were working lovely for the different scenes and there’s been lighting improvements throughout. Of course it’s not in the best of conditions but it looks better then it once did. The park has now got rid of entry passes and only use wristbands. Overall the park has seen many positive improvements. Of course we haven’t visited since Big One got its audio. Honestly what a lovely edition and the counting whilst heading up the lift is literally the cutest touch.

There’s some stunning new items been released. Especially when it comes down to Icons merch there’s so many new items. One of my favourite batch of merchandise for Wallace & Gromit the ornaments. All of which are extremely reasonably priced and you do get season pass discounts too. I couldn’t resist the cute Gromit in a rain mac I’ll pop a picture below. As for other merchandise there wasn’t much in terms of pin badges just two Big One retro pins. So hopefully we will see more pin badges this season!

The staff and ride availability was absolutely magnificent. A massive big up to them for making Saturday so fab. It was so lovely to be back on park and we had an incredible day. Unfortunately we didn’t stay for long on Sunday.

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One thought on “Blackpool Pleasure Beach Opening Day 2020

  1. That was a great round up on the day. The staff did amazing and worked in tough conditions and can’t thank them enough and the ops were so so good. Based on what happened last year and the storm I wasn’t sure if I was going to go but I’m so glad I did. Also the Gromit statue is so dam cute

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