Something New Coming To Drayton Manor??

This blog is based all around speculation & opinions and nothing which is confirmed. However there has been a few signs that potential future work & investment may be on the horizon. So let’s get into the blog & have a chat!

This could well be simply because this coaster has been sold. But whenever something exits a park it’s hard to not think ahead & about the future isn’t it? Therefore I do believe in the upcoming couple of years we will see G Force site accompanied by a new ride of some kind. Preferably I’d like to believe it wouldn’t be a flat ride given the amount Drayton are blessed with already. I’d love to see a family based coaster sit within this space. I do think Drayton Manor would suit a wooden coaster but maybe I’m bias given the fact I love woodies. Or perhaps a suspended family coaster similar to Vampire or even a small launch coaster.

This could simply be new range coming in or a over stock issue. But whenever a certain rides merchandise goes on sale often it indicates removal or re-theme. Therefore it leaves me back to the question of will something be coming to G Force space & needing Air Races location too? Not to forget the removal of the chair lift? All signs which could well add up to something new & exciting.

Of course here’s another similarity to previous rides and them getting replaced. Look at Bubbleworks for example when that closed some of its props did get auctioned off. Now look we have Gruffalo! Of course this may well not be the case and the future may well of not been spoken about in regards to the building & ride system (if it still stands). But to me it looks as if we may start to see work commence within that area very soon. With any luck it won’t be Thomas Land themed but a newer & modern version of a pirates boat ride.

What do you think will be the next investment at Drayton Manor? (Preferably positive comments only)

Thank you for reading…

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