Favourites Rides Of 2019 & Potentially The Best Ride Ever.

We managed to experience various new rides & attractions last year. Therefore let’s have chat about them.

This coaster is so fab and there’s so much theming which adds to the charm. It might be a family coaster but all in all it was very much a fun ride experience. I do have to admit the throughputs aren’t the best at all and personally I wouldn’t wait as long for it as we did.

Honestly this ride is the perfect example of how spooky dark rides should be done in my opinion. The theming sets were absolutely gorgeous and the experience start to finish is consistently gorgeous. We found the carriage movements add more to the eerie atmosphere. Easily the best spooky dark ride we’ve ever rode.

It would be so rude to not include this little gem. I have always expressed how much of a bucket list coaster this was, so finally getting to ride it was FAB. It’s such a fun little coaster and pretty damn smooth too.

I am utterly in love with this ride and genuinely I think it’s my favourite ride of all time. There’s something so perfect about it and it provides everything I adore like airtime, spookiness, unexpected launches & drops. We rode this daily and it just never felt enough we could of easily sat on it all day.

Easily one of the best new rides to the UK ride line up last year. I adore this attraction so much and everything about it. The audio, theming and overall theme is so beautifully designed and presented. It’s hard not to love in my opinion.

So there’s a handful of our favourite rides that we experienced in 2019. We’d love to know yours too.

Thank you for reading…

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