Trip Report | Trentham Monkey Forest

We’d like to say a massive thank you to the team at Monkey Forest for gifting our entry. However all of this blog is our opinions and nothing has been influenced. We hope you all enjoy.

Before visiting I had this impression there wasn’t going to many monkeys to see and we would be lucky to see one. Of course I was completely wrong as there is actually 140 monkeys within the forest and we saw loads. But before we get into the main blog we thought we’d share some parts of our journey with you all. We live an hour & 10 minutes away which is a fair distant but finding this attraction was super easy. Parking is, of course, free and the whole process of getting in is super easy.

All of the staff we encountered was super lovely and willing to chat about anything you wanted to talk about. Soon as you enter the actual forest there’s a fair few staff members standing around who will happily talk about the monkeys with you. We entered during a talk with a field of monkeys which was nice as you learn a fair bit about them. We also witnessed several feeds taking place which was adorable to watch.

Currently there’s only 2 baby monkeys amongst them all and we only managed to see one. We found the monkeys to be pretty calm around humans and careless when running near you. Something we admired about this place is obliviously seen monkeys in such a close approximately without any caging around them. Of course you aren’t allowed to feed them or touch them which is enforced and the staff ensure that rule sticks.

The amount of space and trees the monkeys have to climb is fab and you can visually see how much they are cared for. They are basically borderline wild really. It was an experience I’d definitely love to visit again as it’s truly beautiful watching monkeys almost within their natural habitat.

As for time needed to visit we definitely wouldn’t say it’s a full day experience but if you have children without a doubt it’ll be a half-day kind of day out. For the price they charge to enter its 100% worth checking out. Personally for us we will definitely visit again and book something nearby to visit afterwards to make the drive worthwhile. But we had a lovely day and can’t express how fab it is there. If you haven’t already I’d highly recommend checking this out.

Thank you for reading & a massive thank you to the Monkey Forest once again.

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