Let’s Talk About Spooky Season – Non-Enthusiast Chats

And we have returned! But this time we are talking all things Halloween season, I mean, after all, it’s just under 2 months away. For those who are new to the non-enthusiast chats, this is a series where I feature my mum and cousin for a chat on all things Halloween and themed attractions! This is getting a new perspective on the topics which we as enthusiasts talk about on a regular basis. I hope y’all enjoy.

 Let’s begin with the all-important question of how mazes have you done in total so far?

Mum: I believe I have experienced 9 mazes all told and all of which were great! I am excited to experience some more new ones this October.

Ash: As it stands I have done 5 altogether.

Which event is your favourite & a little explanation as to why it is?

Mum: This is a hard call as I adored the ones at Alton Towers & Creepy Caves at Chessington for numerous reasons. But I have to stick with my gut and opt for Alton Towers as they build up a brilliant atmosphere alongside a broad offering of things to enjoy.

Ash: My favourite Alton Towers Scarefest, the costumes and the scares were brilliant.

What makes a scare maze for you? What kind of things need to be incorporated to make it the best of the best?

Mum: For me, it is the adrenaline and the build-up to them which helps make the scare mazes more fierce especially when you are stood in the queue hearing others talking about their prior experiences and sometimes hearing the distant screams of those exiting. If I’m truthful I am hesitant as to what could be added to make them more powerful for this Halloween season as last year the mazes were brilliant.

Ash: I would say the acting and the professionalism of the cast members make the mazes incredible for me. Something that could make these attractions scarier is more playing on people’s phobias and fears throughout as it would ass that extra bit of intensity,

Out of the mazes you have experienced which stands out as the weakest and how come?

Mum: The weakest in my opinion was The House of Voodoo Curse at Fantasy Island. For me, it just didn’t frighten me in the slightest and felt very unusual to the other mazes we had done before, almost as if it was lacking so much that could have made it great.

Ash: I would also say The House of Voodoo Curse at Fantasy Island, the misplacement of the sound cannon hurt my ears which took a lot away from the maze for me. But I did like the interior of the maze and I appreciate what they were going for but It could be enhanced a lot.

What Kind of things scare you the most when experiencing a scare maze?

Mum: Definitely chainsaws particularly when you are at the back of the group and they creep up on you with that chilling sound which scares me alone.

Ash: For me, it’s strobe lighting the consistent flashing that strengthsns the jump scares make it all so much more intense as you lose sight of where the actors are occasionally then you are unaware as to where to expect them.

Do you think scare zones are crucial for an adequate event?

Mum: I’m not sure really. I can’t quite recall experiencing any scare zones as these events are still quite new to me. Hopefully, I can re-visit this question and answer it after this Halloween.

Ash: I think scare zones would be a pastime way to get your adrenaline pumping prior to the mazes and the interactions would be quite funny during the build up.

Is there any specific theme that you find is done the best and the scariest for you?

Mum: The themes which I thought was unbelievable were The Attic, Disturbia & Creepy Caves. The theming and backstory to them were brilliant.

Ash: I idolized the theme for The Attic like that paranormal/demonic theme throughout the whole maze and I found queuing during dark for it within the location that it’s based just amplifies the theme even more.

How much do you feel is reasonable to pay for scare mazes/scream park events?

Mum: Honestly, the prices which I have paid so far I feel are pretty satisfactory but I would love to see some kind of deal available for groups that include 5+ people.

Ash: In my opinion, I think around £15-£25 could be ideal given it is just more often than not your ticket entitles you to only one run-through of each maze and with the expenses of additional purchases such as food & drink.

Are rides significant to have on offer during these kinds of events?

Mum: Yes & no. I think if they somehow managed to theme the rides to align to the mazes it could make the events.

Ash: The rides are the excellent way to fill time in between the mazes and those who don’t do mazes.

Is there any maze that stands out to you which feels a tad too intense for you and why?

Mum: To be fair, they all stand out for their individual reasons. But, the ones which unnerved me the most and I found most intense was Creepy Caves and The Attic. The set-up of them both alone established such an intense climate and both of which gave me truly intense scares but I can’t wait to do them both again.

Ash: For me, I would say The Attic as the introduction and backstory alone is quite daunting and I found that alone intense and almost intimidating.

What was your first scare maze and did it help prompt you into encountering more?

Mum: My first scare maze was a couple of years ago and it was the family one (Darkest Depths) at Alton Towers. This maze terrified me a lot more than I had expected and gave me the taste for the rest of them for sure, as it left me wanting to experience more.

Ash: My first was Altonville Mine Tours and the first actor, I experienced and interacted with alone got me pumped to experience even more of this style. It definitely helped me get ready to experience even more.

Finally, what event or scare maze are you most excited to experience this upcoming Halloween season?

Mum: Without a doubt for me it’s Tulleys. It will be my first time visiting and I have wanted to do this event for some time now. As for the scare mazes, I can’t pick one in particular as I am just so delighted to experience them all.

Ash: I’m most hyped for Xtreme Scream and Tulleys, I can’t choose between them both. I have heard so many good things from Emma & Ant and I anticipate them to be some of the most intense mazes I am yet to experience.

There you have it our little Halloween chin wag. I hope this was moderately insightful into how non-enthusiast think about these mazes. It’s been so much fun putting this together and spending endless group calls talking about it too. We will be re-visiting this post-Halloween season and no doubt sharing a build-up blog post too.

Thank you so much for reading as always!


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