Trip Report | Warwick Castle – August 2021

We headed down the road to Warwick Castle on Sunday for a relaxing day out whilst exploring the castle itself and catching some of the shows on offer. It’s been a year since we last headed to Warwick Castle for a day out, of course, we checked out the fab War of Roses preview event the other month, link HERE for the review. But without any more rambling let’s get into this post.

Getting In:

Getting into Warwick Castle is a simple and an easy process. They now use two entrances which helps a bunch with the queues and keeps them at a minimum. Bag checks are implemented as they are across the majority of Merlin attractions. Upon entering the grounds there was a huge queue for a photo opportunity with the photo Zog, it turns out to be very popular haha. But the whole process is super simple and stress-free which is lovely.

Horrible History Maze:

It has been some time since we have last done this maze possibly 3 years now? To me, it felt as if there were a few modifications including a bridge in the middle of the maze, I can’t ever remember this in all honesty. Within the maze, it did feel a bit crowded and busy which I guess is one of those things as there are no limitations on the amount of the guest inside at one time. You collect your stamp booklet as you enter and collect the stamp as you go along which for the younger guest is a lot of fun.

Falcon Quest:

Okay, I am terrified of birds and animals which flap their wings and fly above my head, great start right? That aside from the member of staff who approach our area of seating informed us not to stand up during the show as the birds get quite low above our heads and you know when you think, sure that’s just a way to hype up the crowd. The man was not joking. The show itself is brilliant it’s always fascinating to watch how smart the birds are and the story is well told and expressed with the performers. With any animal-based show, things aren’t always going to go to plan and there were a few moments the birds just didn’t want to move which was rather cute. But honestly, if you are like me and don’t particularly like birds above your head this is not the show for you. I’d suggest standing towards the bridge to avoid that interaction at all cost. Check out our Tik Tok to see more from this show.


Warwick Castle has always been one of my favourite mid-way Merlin attractions. It’s wonderful to have it so local to our home. The grounds have so much history to learn about and it is surely so pretty. I find some of the best shows are hosted by Warwick Castle and all-around a fascinating place to visit regardless if you are elderly or young it’s perfect for the whole family to enjoy. If perhaps you are not someone who fancies climbing to the tallest points there is plenty to do on the ground level too. There is also the Warwick Castle Dungeons which we still have not checked out yet. As well as the opportunity to explore the grounds there is several activities for guest to get involved in some of which are an additional fee & others which aren’t. 

Have you visited Warwick Castle this year? What’s your favourite part of your visits?

Thank you for reading..

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