Let’s Talk: Thorpe Parks Previous Investments

This may seem a random blog but we always discuss the choices of Thorpe / Merlin for investments at these parks. So today I’m going to talk about the past 3/4 years at Thorpe Park and my thoughts on the decisions too. We hope you guys enjoy this blog and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the past 3/4 years.

Closure of Loggers Leap in 2015:

Sadly we never had chance to ride Loggers as our first visit was in 2016 season so we can’t share much of an opinion on this topic. However we’ll touch on our thoughts briefly and how we felt Thorpe handled the situation. Loggers Leap was in operation during the 2015 season and was unfortunately it was the final year of its life too. It was closed and announced due to “refurbishment” at that time we were just becoming enthusiasts and had held onto hope. As time began to pass and it got to the 2018 season it came pretty clear that it wasn’t likely to return. It kept been said the following season it should be making a splash which was misleading. Thankfully 2019 season brought the final decision and gave answers everybody had waited for meaning it’s unfortunately not returning again. The state and condition it stands in now we can completely understand as to why. However Thorpe Park lack family attractions and that was once a major ride for everyone. It’s very sad to see yet another log flume close and currently sit SBNO. We had hoped that perhaps it would of returned and got a refurb but we understand sometimes things have to leave for hopefully future investments. What do you think will replace Loggers Leap in the future?

Derren Browns Ghost in 2016:

This was an attraction which attracted us to Thorpe Park for sure as it was / is such a rare experience for the UK. Of course Air turned into Galactica with VR within the same season. However this is a Ghost Train like no other and that’s something which made us excited. We didn’t visit to mid season and heard countless mixed reviews more negative then positive. At that time with the lack of positivity we weren’t sure what to expect. When we first rode DBGT there was no denying that actually we fell in love with this real unique experience and couldn’t quite get enough. It packed a thrill and was enough for me (wimpy me) to handle. Given the amount of money spent on this attraction though it wasn’t really worth it in my opinion no matter how much I loved it, it just wasn’t enough for the amount of money.

Closure of Slammer in 2017:

Okay now this is where I began to feel a little disappointed by all means no doubt there’s reasons to why it can’t be helped. Yet that was easily my all time favourite flat ride and still is to this day. It was intense and an insanely terrifying experience. But May 2017 Slammers fate was announced and that was it won’t be opening again. I was pretty devastated not even going to lie as I never got to embrace it enough personally. But again these decisions happen for reasons out of the parks control without a doubt and we understand that. 2 years later and it’s still standing but not operate which we’ve found attracts peoples attention a lot. There’s been countless times we’ve sat nearby the former attraction and people have spoke amongst themselves about when it’ll be opening. It’s sad to see it still standing as it’s hard to resist not wanting to ride it one last time!

Derren Brown Rise of The Demon in 2017:

2017 was the season for me and loving DBGT I was so in love with the ride it was crazy. The changes for the 2017 season were easily my favourite. I won’t be giving any spoilers but the finale which is still there now is my favourite. It was the season where I loved so much and truthfully I haven’t felt that way since that season ended and there was more changes. That season is when I started to see it was worth every penny and couldn’t find many faults at all.

Rock n Tug & Lumper Jump Opened in 2017:

Within old town 2 new family attractions had opened which is fab considering the lack of family rides across the park. For anybody who doesn’t know Old Town is also home to Rocky Express another family attraction & once was home to Loggers Leap. So these two new leases of life is just what this area had needed. They do look a little out of place with their more modern style in comparison to the surrounding building & rides. This area is also home to Saw:The Ride & Samuari both are which aren’t directly next to any of the family attractions other then Loggers.

X re-themed to Walking Dead: The Ride in 2018:

Yeahhh this investment was 100% my least favourite and I’m still not over it. I adored X the theme and the amount of fun it was. It was always that in between coaster for me where it wasn’t thrilling and was the perfect family type. So this announcement came and I was far from thrilled. Personally I’m not a huge fan of things horror based or scary partly due to allergies to most of Halloween make up & because I’m a complete utter wimp. I knew it was a ride I had to avoid now and that was pretty sad given I adored it originally. As always I had to give it that one ride whilst been open minded and not letting my feelings overtake my opinions. I admit the newer touches to the queue line, station, train and inside the ride itself are pretty fab. But it’s the complete opposite to what I once enjoyed. I done it whilst there wasn’t any actors and still got shit scarred by the silly fog horn and the complete black exit corridors. Again it was another family based ride taken and turned into a 1.4m height restriction.

More Updates to DBGT in 2018:

This was the turning point for me with this ride as the installation of the middle scare maze section isn’t my thing. I much preferred the train scene from the past two seasons. Strobe lighting has always been one of those things which I’ve never been able to tolerate. During this time is when I also discovered I was allergic to the headsets which again wasn’t all that ideal. The physical changes not including the VR really made the ride pretty awful in my opinion. It was the season where I found it consistently broke down and became as unreliable as people once said. The batching became slow and pretty dreadful.

Closure of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in 2019:

Truthfully this was an attraction which never interested me and I never had a desire to do. So as for the attraction whilst it was open I can’t comment due to never experiencing it. However the building isn’t just sat there doing nothing as The Jungle Escape Rooms opened. It’s basically an escape room with interaction, live actors etc.

Installation of modified boats to Rumba Rapids in 2019;

When we first visited Rumba Rapids were pretty shit to be truthful. However this season they are probably the best rapids in the UK now. They are running better then they ever have and you get pretty wet too. The new boats insist of grab rails around the top, grab bar in the middle and magnetic doors. It hasn’t impacted the ride experience in any way but of course have made them safer. The ops are very eagle-eyed when it comes to people standing up as well which is fab!

Creek Freak Massacre:

It’s a worthy mention in my opinion. One of the strongest if not the strongest scare maze at Thorpe Park. There’s so much to and inside this maze that it’s a huge investment for the Fright Night season. I reckon the maze will be around for several more years & without a doubt knowing Thorpe they’ll consistently add improvements & changes each year. Everything about this maze was pretty fab and something which I can’t wait to experience next season.

What’s your favourite to date investment since 2016? Comment below in the comments.

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