Trip Report: Pumpkins R Us – Stoneleigh Park Warwickshire.

I know it might be hard to believe to a lot of people but me & Ant have never been pumpkin picking before last Monday. That’s madness isn’t it?? Well last Monday we had the day free so decided to search our local area for somewhere to go & grab some pumpkins. Very local to us was Pumpkins R Us. The cutest name possible. So we headed there & this is how it went!

Before visiting we had no idea what to expect. Searched online & paid our £5 for our hour time slot/parking. The venue was located in a warehouse nearby a park. We had a short queue before heading in as we got there a little bit earlier than expected. Upon entering we had to use their hand sanitiser which is the new norm!

There was a one way system in operation which worked very well as everyone followed it. The pumpkins were popped in little groups around the warehouse. Small pumpkins were kept in boxes. Prices ranged from £1-£20. Some of the big pumpkins were huge! I’ll insert a little picture of the pumpkins we picked!

Inside was a spooky cafe serving spooky products & a spooky shop. The shop has made up for my disastrous Halloween decor shopping! I managed to pick up some cute little bits and all of which were fairly priced. Again a little haul below. All staff we encountered were lovely and it felt nice to be supporting a small local family business!

You paid upon exiting the venue & it was a very safe visit to pick some pumpkins. It’s safe to say this will become a yearly tradition for us both now. In fact we may be back by the end of the month!

If your in the Midlands or live nearby Bedworth/Coventry, we’d recommend checking the fab Pumpkins R Us!

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