Tips For Experiencing Apocalypse For Drop Tower Haters.

If you’ve clicked this blog your more than likely a drop tower wimp like myself, hello & welcome to the crew! Although I am a wimp when it comes down to drop towers I am someone who actively encourages everyone to experience Apocalypse at least once. It’s a must experience ride. Therefore let’s go through some factors to get you through the experience shall we?

Right, if you’ve got your tickets booked or your a regular who’s a season passholder. Don’t think about apocalypse okay? Just erase the existence of it in your mind. The evening before your trip just don’t overthink it. It’s the worst thing to do.

Again on the day if needs be let it be your first ride. Simply just pick the side you wish to do, walk down the queue line and hop on it. Don’t stand for a while watching it as it’s a tad intimidating off ride. Just go for it no second thoughts. Once it’s done it’s done. You’ll either love it and want to do it again or swear by the fact you’ll never touch the damn thing again. I’m personally a mix of both of these.

Nope, I’m not quoting Oblivion. I’m saying don’t look down not even when heading out of the station. I find the rising from the station one of the areas which makes my knees go weak. I simply can’t not look at the height we’re heading up too. Although Ant swears by the fact of looking down apparently it helps him more than not, if your one of those people as well let me know as I’m interested as to whether it’s just Ant haha.


Once your at the peak of the tower. You’ll be stopped up there for what may feel like an eternity but honestly it’s about 5 seconds.. I don’t know the exact length of time. Just brace yourself ready for the fall. Even distract yourself by counting in your mind or out loud whatever you prefer.

Don’t hold your scream in, just let it be free. Scream your lungs out… I do & it often feels bloody good! It is an intense drop so screaming gets me through it.

I’m often a mixture of these deep down I’m telling myself that’s my last ever ride on the damn thing. I’m often convinced I’d physically not survive another. But on the outside I’m like hmm let’s go again!

There are my tips to get Apocalypse done. Once you’ve done it you’ve done it. But I am confident in suggesting we all need to experience it at least once in our life.

Do you enjoy Apocalypse? Do you have any further tips? Let us know!

Thank you for reading & let me know if this has genuinely helped any of you guys!

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  1. uttoxeterman says:

    Apocalypse has got to be the best drop tower in the UK. It’s really forceful and super scary if you’re riding it for the first time. It definitely beats Cliffhanger at Flamingo Land.

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