The Next Rollercoaster Type I’d Love To See At Drayton Manor..

I understand Drayton Manor might not be in the position right now especially given all the COVID situation. But there’s no harm in thinking to the future right? Well here are 3 rollercoaster types I would love to see open in the future. Of course this is just my opinion and by all means none of these might be possible but here are my thoughts!


Something along the lines of Dragons Fury is what I’m thinking of. They don’t necessarily take up a huge footprint I mean look at Spinball Whizzer. It’ll cater for all the family including thrill seekers. I adore Dragons Fury and think that style or coaster would fit in beautifully to the park.


Given the age of Drayton Manor I’ve always been quite surprised by the lack of wooden rollercoaster on park! But maybe that’s just me. I love wooden rollercoasters and given the fact Wickerman has been such a successful hit for Alton Towers. I do think Drayton Manor could benefit hugely by one. Not even on the scale of Wickerman as such. But a small simple wooden coaster next to Buffalo would be fab.

Family Launch:

Something similar to the likes of Icon but maybe a little shorter in duration would be fab. It wouldn’t even have to be anything big or fancy just a little something.

What would you like to see for Drayton Manors next rollercoaster? Let us know!

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