VIP Giraffe Feed – Chessington World of Adventures: Throwback Review.

Let’s throw it back to 2017 when I had won a Facebook competition via the merlin annual pass page for 4 to experience a VIP giraffe feed. As you can imagine the fact I won this experience was fab! So let’s have a chat about this beautiful experience.

PS sorry for the lack of photos I’m struggling to find them all!

I had always said to Ant how much I’d love to do an animal experience at Chessington, so winning these tickets honestly made my year.

We had a date expire of February 2018 which meant we had a lot of time to book this experience. We chosen a day in June to do it. I simply booked online using the redeem codes at the bottom of each ticket. You can also use the website to book to normally. Once you have booked and added in the code/paid you’ll receive an email confirmation. This provides the details of timings, earliest time to arrive, where to park (unless your me and missed that bit) and small details about what is going to happen on this experience.

On the day you have to arrive 15 minutes earlier then the allocated time slot & park in the hotel car park. At the time of us doing this experience we had to meet our guide at the Safari hotel. We entered via the theme park entrance next to the Sealife. You are in a group of around 8-10 people or at least we were. Once your group is ready and got their tickets etc you head to the giraffe house through the staff path.

Of course, there’s a small health & safety run down. But once that’s over you’re free to take photos, videos and feed the giraffes. During our experience our guides answered any questions we had and gave several facts about the beautiful animals. They would give us tips & tricks on feeding them and explained how Giraffes don’t like their faces to be touched etc.

Our experience lasted around 20-40 minutes and definitely was worth every penny. At the end of our encounter we realised we should of parked in the  hotel car park but the staff member was ever so helpful and guided us through the eerie closed theme park to get back to our car! So we’d recommend if your planning on doing this experience to park in the hotel car park!

We’d highly recommend anyone to do this experience. It’s truly a beautiful encounter and if your like me & loves animals you’ll adore this!

Thank you for reading & be sure to let me know about any experiences you’ve done!

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