Kingsbury Water Park June 2020 | Trip Report

Last weekend we headed to our local country park, Kingsbury Water Park which is located nearby Drayton Manor. It’s a place we’ve visited a few times previously but first time since lockdown. I thought I’d write a little trip report for anyone who’s interested in visiting.

Pre-Booking // Time Slots:

Usually you arrive in your car and pay for parking as you enter. But with the whole COVID-19 situation you now have to pre-book. It has however made it cheaper as well. It’s now £3 for car parking. When you pre book you’ll be given a 3 hour time slot which you can arrive anytime between. We got an early morning one for 9am-12pm. But arrived early as possible.

Social Distancing:

There’s no markings or signs but it’s very much common sense. Everyone who we encountered followed the social distancing rules the best they could. It’s a big space therefore it’s very easy to keep the 2m away from one another.

Dog Friendly:

Of course, we had took our doggos with us! The country park is very dog friendly. There’s a decent amount of poop bins. But you’ll encounter many other dogs. If your dog is timid around others just have your wits about you. But this is a dog friendly environment.


We had a lovely morning stroll around the park. We walked almost 3 miles all told. It’s very easy to get lost if you’re unsure on the place. But there’s plenty of maps in selected places. I’ll definitely do it again. It’s also a popular location for cycling & jogging. The scenery is beautiful especially nearby the lakes. All in all it was a lovely morning.

What country parks have you visited? Let me know and any recommendations would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for reading…

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