Top 3 UK Theme Park

I adore each & every UK theme park / amusement park for various different reasons. So narrowing it down to 3 is always a challenge. But that’s what I’m about to do & hope you all enjoy. I’d love to know yours in the comments or across our socials!

3. Chessington World of Adventures:

Putting a park at the third spot is actually tough. There’s so many which could easily fall into this area for me. But I’d definitely say CWOA. Simply due to whenever I think  of the place with the most fond memories it comes to Chessy. There’s been so many days out here which created memories to last me a life time and ones we always sit and look back on & simply laugh still. Not to forget the pure wholesome atmosphere too.

2. Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

I’ve been visiting Pleasure Beach for 11 years it’s hard to not be in love with the place. Again it holds so many fond memories for us both. It’s the place which has an incredible ride line up, atmosphere and some pure classic attractions. There’s a lot of pride taken with their older rides lately especially the Ghost Train. It is homed to the UKs only double launch , hyper and bobsleigh. Not to forget my favourite UK dark ride is located here. Pleasure Beach is fab!

1. Alton Towers:

It’s our number one park and the place we feel most at home. Whenever times have gotten tough this has always been our escape. Entering the car park feels like we’ve returned home. It has some unique and incredible rides for the UK! Again memories are key to our favourites and this holds countless. It’s truly the park we adore with every inch of us. We love Alton Towers it’s a truly special place for us.

What’s your top 3 UK theme parks?

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