Is There Such A Thing As “Too Many” Rides On One Ride/Rollercoaster?

I have fallen victim to riding a rollercoaster that many times I’m now bored to death of it. So potentially the answer is yes but let’s have a chat!


Last year we visited Thorpe Park during an absolutely dead day. So we decided to challenge ourselves to see how many rides we could get on Stealth. Our grand total ended up being 14 with 13 of which all in a row. It’s safe to say I am now bored to death of this rollercoaster. But I reckon it’s only due to its extremely simple layout. As we managed to ride Icon 22 times during press day and didn’t feel all that bored of it just extremely sick!

Layout / Duration:

I feel the layout & ride duration really does have an impact. For example the likes of Wickerman wouldn’t necessarily get boring in our opinion. Whereas Stealth you literally just go up over & down. That’s actually it. Therefore 13 consecutive rides were always bound to become painfully boring right? I think the duration is a big factor in this too. If the ride is simple and legit 1 minute long it’ll always become quite boring as you’ll get so used to.

Final Answer:

I’m torn as I feel if you love a coaster so much then why not re-ride it as much as possible. Overtime we’re all bound to clock up an horrendous amount of rides on these coasters anyway. But I think it’ll take me a while to get back on the Stealth love train I once was on. As the thought of it just doesn’t appeal to me at the moment still. Even so I do still reckon it’s one of the best coasters at Thorpe Park. I think it depends on the level of love you feel, duration, complexity of elements & layout.

Let me know your thoughts!

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