Interview Mondays: Coaster Bot!

So I thought it be nice to reach out to some of our personal favourite content creators to share some exciting interviews as well as known amusement & theme parks. Today we have the fab Harry (Coaster Bot). So first of all a massive thank you to Harry for his time and been apart of this series. We hope you all enjoy!

Okay, so let’s begin with an introduction of who you are & what you do?

Hello! My name is Harry and I, along with a group of other awesome people, run Coaster Bot. We create factual content all about roller coasters and theme parks. This ranges from the history of world famous rides, to detailed explanations of concepts such as how roller coaster restraints work. You can find most of our content over on YouTube ( but we also produce a weekly podcast called Coaster Bot Rambles, as well as irregular blog posts about a whole range of things. All in all I’d say we try to discuss all things roller coasters and theme parks!

What helped you become a theme park enthusiast?

The thing that helped me become an enthusiast the most is the community. I used to watch a huge amount of theme park content on YouTube which got me more and more interested in the whole enthusiast thing. I moved to forums and eventually created Coaster Bot. Ever since it’s formed it’s own little community of amazing enthusiasts which helps others to become interested in our hobby too!

How did you begin creating content? Was there any particular inspiration?

The biggest inspiration for my content was other YouTubers. To drop some names a combination of CGP Grey (a great creator that produces factual videos about anything and everything) as well as Theme Park Worldwide (we all know him!). I was interested in other theme park videos and thought why not create my own with a unique spin on it. Here we are now, 4 years later, producing ever increasing amounts of content for people to (hopefully) watch and enjoy! 

Out of the time you’ve been producing your own content, what’s been the biggest achieve & why?

The biggest achievement for me has honestly been meeting so many great people. I’ve been exposed to a large number of enthusiasts from all different kinds of communities, many of which have become great friends of mine. Taylor from Coaster Studios strikes me as a great example – I’d never have met him if I didn’t create Coaster Bot. On top of this, the Coaster Bot discord ( has seen so many people become really engaged with the theme park community. It’s become a hub for friendship and I’m really proud of that. 

Of course, you’ve visited many theme parks but which one for you is your favourite & why?

I honestly can’t answer which theme park is my favourite because I never want to stop and think hard enough to figure it out. I’m going to be a cop out and mention a few instead. Europa Park is up there for me – it’s an amazing theme park with a mixture of really high quality attractions for everyone to enjoy. Alton Towers is another; it’s my (old) home park and has a lot of meaning to me. I grew up visiting every year and it’s really made me the enthusiast I am today. Finally Liseberg is an awesome park that’s so good and I don’t really how or why. The place has a lot of charm and some really great rides, like the wonderful Helix!

What is it about theme parks that you enjoy the most & is there any particular area you enjoy the most (such as theming, dark ride, coaster)?

The more theme parks I visit the more I enjoy the atmosphere. There’s just something about standing in a theme park, with the excitement in the air, looking forward to the great day ahead. In terms of rides, I’m always most interested about the roller coasters that have a developed theme. A build up really helps to create an awesome attraction in my eyes, and an evolved storyline does that easily. There’s a reason Hansa Park’s Kärnan is my number one coaster! 

Finally, what can we expect from your channel in 2020? Is there any particular content we should keep an eye out for?

I’d like to say there’s a lot of great content to come in 2020 but I honestly couldn’t tell you myself. The end of 2019 has been manic and I need the Christmas break to compose myself and get a great plan set for 2020. I want to make it the best year yet and I have a lot of unique plans to make that happen. For now I’ll say to follow us across all social media, just search for Coaster Bot. If you want to learn all about the content we produce I’d head over to our website and give it a quick browse!

Finally I’d like to thank everyone at CoastersontheCoast for the opportunity to share some of our thoughts! And before I forget, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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