Blackpool Pleasure Beach: Interview Monday’s.

A massive thank you to Stephen from the PR team for participating in this blog and for his time. We hope you enjoy this weeks Interview Monday. Feel free to begin discussing anything below in the comments or across our socials.

What was the drive for the Pleasure Beach in expanding their Halloween offering for this season? 


Our Halloween events have been successfully building over the past number years and this year was the right time to launch Journey To Hell.  The event was a huge success and we have had great feedback on it and are already looking into how we can build and make next year’s even better.


Icon was of course the latest edition to the coaster line up. But what is your favourite coaster & why?


I really enjoy the Steeplechase as it’s such a unique ride and great fun to race your friends.  It’s a ride you always come off with a smile on your face.


As the Pleasure Beach is almost 125 years old, what has been the most signature ride to open within those years?


That’s a really tricky one as we have had so many iconic rides over the years.  In our early years rides like the Big Dipper and Grand National really stood out and have really stood the test of time as they are still thrilling visitors almost 100 years since they were constructed.  I think that the Big One is really the ride which has been most important as it was a game changer, both for us and the UK amusement park industry as a whole.



We have seen many changes over the previous years, is there any big changes to come?


There are always changes to come as Blackpool Pleasure Beach is constantly evolving and our team are always looking at new ideas and seeing what we can add to improve guest experiences.  The answer to this question is always….  Watch this space!



Something we have loved over the past couple of years is the introduction into new merchandise. Will there be anymore new types to come in the nearby future?


Yes, merch is something that we are always working on and the team are doing an amazing job at refreshing and improving what we have on sale.  I’ve had a sneak preview of what is to come in 2020 and it’s looking fantastic.


What is it like to be a part of the PR team? What’s your favourite aspect of your job & why?


It can be long hours and very busy but it’s so rewarding when you see your work paying off.  This weekend just gone was a great example of this as after weeks of discussions and planning we got to see all of the celebrities and dancers riding ICON on the opening credits of Strictly so it’s fantastic to be able to get BPB in front of an audience of 10M +.  The job is extremely varied and there are so many great things about it but nothing beats walking through a busy park at the height of summer just watching thousands of people having a great day out and knowing you are a part of that.


Finally, what can we expect from the 2020 season for Pleasure Beach? 

That would be telling

Once again a massive thank you to the PR team at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Thank you for reading….

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