My Predictions For Thorpe Park Fright Nights 2022

The Halloween season seemed to have flown by in a blink of the eye but it brought a lot of ideas to mind for me as to what I THINK we could see happen next season. With the continuing news which keeps thriving and arising about the fresh world-class rollercoaster which is within its planning phases. It’s hard to not theorize what the spooky season may have entailed for us next year. Let’s have a chat about MY speculation!

A New Building & Story for Creek Freak Massacre:

Old Town has gradually become the home to the Buckwheats across the past 3 seasons of Fright Nights. I highly doubt these characters will be kept away for the 2022 season. Instead, I feel the park are imaginative enough to find a statement for their conventional residential facility & area being out of use. They could head down the path of having to move out of their former territory and they are now resulting in chaos elsewhere to return. Whatever happens, I doubt we’ll see these characters out to bed for a season. It’s too much of a well known & well-loved theme to just abandon it for a season.

The Crows Scare Maze:

It’s a forever ripening group of characters that I feel will proceed to formulate for many years to come as well. This theme is one of the cleverest yet easiest I’ve seen. Nobody does Crows quite like Thorpe Park. We’ve seen them grow from being a roaming team to then into a scare zone as well as a roaming team. I can’t help but feel as if the next improvement for them will be to have a full maze to themselves. I hope this team remain at the park for many years to come. Even if they terrify the life out of me.

A New Teaser Style Scare Maze:

With the loss of Platform 15 and the lineup of Fright Nights on a much smaller scale than how it once was. I always believe they are biding their time before introducing another scare maze to the mix. If the future outcomes which are in talks currently are going to be established upon a horror style theme then I can see us getting a scare maze to tease that story. Whether that’s an IP or in-house theme. I just feel if the planning application goes successfully for them with their proposal plans then it’s the primary time to tease right?

Additional Rooms Added To Trailers:

Of course, inevitably, Trailers is here to stay. It’s one of those mazes which evolve & expand yearly without imposing additional capacity & can proceed to feel different yearly effortlessly. Opposite the two doors towards the end of the maze is an advertisement contrary each. I feel as if both of these are indications of how we will see this maze develop across each of the years illustrated on those door numbers. It’s a straightforward technique of dicing & chopping this maze to guarantee each year is fresh & varied. It’s one of the most genius scare mazes to exist in my opinion.

Continuing With Multiple Scare Zones With Some Modifications:

If the Crows receive the promotion to a scare maze then I can see a new scare zone getting introduced. I don’t feel as if the existing lineup of scare zones are here to last for the long term. Some of which do tend to feel vulnerable than others. But I think it’ll be something we see persist for a few extra years before a potentially substantial change in themes!


I am struggling to come up with ways they can top this year’s event. For us, it was the best we have ever seen Fright Nights. The mazes were top form and the actors were extraordinary. I’m so hyped to see what they could have in store for the year ahead. I’ll of course visit this again once Fright Nights 2022 gets published in the new year!


What do you think Fright Nights 2022 could look like? I’d love to hear your assumptions in the comments or across my socials!

Thank you for reading & I hope you enjoyed reading some ideas I have!

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