Scare Review | Shocktoberfest Tulleys Farm 2021 #GIFTED

It was incredible to return to Tulleys after almost 2 years away! Thank you to the team for inviting us down to visit this event. So, let’s crack on and have a chat about each of the scare mazes alongside the other bits that are on offer to explore.

Creepy Cottage:

Rating: 3/5

This maze is the ideal beginners maze in my opinion. It’s not excessively intense or jumpy but it definitely gets you on edge with the eerie atmosphere. I do feel as if it peaked in its first room with the room being jammed packed with actors but then it virtually fizzled out the more you went through. The theming was stunning as always and I noticed the use of animatronic props like cupboard doors etc which set the vibes. As a package though this maze is really fun and just perfect for anyone who’s a tad unsure as to whether they are ready for the greater haunts yet. I was taken back by how much the light from outside did impact the run-through for us as it appeared it was easy to spot the walls cut off points to the ceiling. So, I would suggest leaving this until it is dark outside to have the full atmospheric run through.

Coven of 13:

Rating: 3.5/5:

Back in 2019, this was the maze I really did not enjoy at all costs. However, this year it feels worlds apart. In the first section of the maze, we got fairly lost until we found the flange section which delivered some intense scares for me. There were a lot of foggy/smokey rooms in this maze but it was almost too much in my opinion. I found it so hard to see where I was going to the point walking into walls became a pattern. I feel again the actors were all primarily in the first part of this maze then it almost vanished for the rest. The final room was vacant of actors but VERY difficult to see through the smoke/fog whatever it is. It’s a maze that has seen tremendous development from our first encounter with it but one of which I hope also enhances further for next season. I’d love to see perhaps a little limited amount of smoke and a few additional actors amongst the mix to give some greater jump scares and remain that until the end. The shifts from indoors to outdoors was fun and was well themed.

Horrorwood Haunted Hayride:

Rating: 4/5

This is always so much enjoyment and it never ceases to have me chuckling but also on edge in some sections. It is such an extraordinary attraction that I feel headed more or less down the path of comedy rather than spooky this year. There was a fair the bit that felt as if it differed to me but I’m sceptical as to whether it has or not. All of the actors were glorious and knew how to get us all giggling. I found some of the areas felt somewhat briefer this year especially the ending with the nuns. But nevertheless, I adore this attraction and can’t wait to experience it all again next season.

Chop Shop:

Rating: 5/5:

My most anticipated maze for this event and it sure did deliver. I found the original build-up to the finale section was relatively sluggish. The actors were tremendous don’t get me wrong and the music just set the mood of what was about to come flawlessly. I ended up leading during the chainsaw terror section and have never had jumps quite like it. I was pinned up against the wall at one point by the chainsaw lady. It was all I ever desired it to be and it was extraordinary but horrifying. I’m so delighted to finally experience this masterpiece of a scare maze. Again the theming was remarkable all the way through as it always is with each of Tulley’s mazes.

Twisted Clowns:

Emma’s rating: 3/5 & Ant’s Rating: 4/5:

Again this was another maze that had plummeted flat for me during our visit in 2019 but this season it felt like an enormous modification had occurred. Me and Ant got separated after the room where the health and safety briefing happens. Ant had the best run-through of any clown maze he’s ever done and had some of the biggest jumps he’s experienced. Whereas for me I found the 3D glasses were a burden for why I missed distinct scares as they were there the actors were trying but my glasses just kept tumbling off my face leaving me far too preoccupied to get frightened. But when they weren’t causing me issues I did have some moderately huge scares in here. As always the actors were exceptional and relentless on just flourishing off you. I’m hoping next season if it returns I manage to expect out how to keep these glasses glued to my face haha.

The Cellar:

Rating: 2/5:

Okay, hear me out about why I did not enjoy this maze. The batching of groups during the whole evening were all too large of a group. You’d see the scare emerges ahead by the time it got to you, you knew what to predict and where from. It never gave the actors an adequate opportunity to resume their reset positions. I was in utter awe over the theming though. But for me personally, I had little to no jump scares in this maze whereas everyone else in my group had enormous scares so I think my positioning in the group did not help the matter either. I’m hoping to return next season and have the run-through I had strived for this year.

Wastelands Penitentiary:

Rating: 4/5:

I’m still as taken back as I was the first year of walking into this facade/plaza. The show was fab as always and the roaming team were on me so much. Heading inside I can’t remember the queue feeling somewhat like a scare maze in itself. I can’t get over how uneasy the feeling is inside of this maze. Each and every room just assembled up to the insane and effortlessly the best strobe section I have ever seen again. Although I never found it all that jumpy in all honesty. The setting and set pieces were enough to top this maze up in regards to how I rated it. I love the whole package you have for this maze including the show that happens on the hour and the roaming team too. During the strobe section it felt as if the actors were all too reserved and not attempting to scare us at all. It wasn’t until the room before the exit corridor til we had any adequate scares. I do wish we could have some actors popped into the exit corridor to just give it that finale it deserves. But it is still a terrific maze & another which I think if the group sizing was fewer it would of been so much more drastic.

The Island:

I’m not going to give this maze a rating yet again due to the excessively big groups that went through at one time. We had around 30 all told in a line heading through the group ahead of us were  too stagnant and that meant the group behind managed to also catch us up. The actors were trying their utter best to give everyone a balanced experience but it felt inconceivable as once again you saw the scare then you knew where it was and what was going to occur. A lot of this maze felt as if it lacked a tremendous amount of actors as there were hidey holes which were deserted. I personally preferred this maze back in 2019 as The Wreckoning as the new story also felt relatively problematic to interpret and very much tough to grasp by the theming too. It felt as if it was still The Wreckoning on the theming point of view yet with some random non-pirate actors dotted around. For me, this maze was far too lengthy for the little to no activity happening throughout, unfortunately.


I adore Tulleys however, I do wish they put a boundary on the quantity of alcohol that is served to each person similar to what Xtreme Scream has done this season. Unfortunately, fellow guests were causing various problems across the park as well as the batching of groups felt far too unreasonable. It’s something I hope to see improved on for next years event. Other than that we had a fun evening and truly loved being amongst some of the fab mazes. I hope next season we get to see an overhaul in the area of The Island as that setting has so much capability and unfortunately it just never provided this year. All of the staff we encountered were lovely and tried to govern the crowds to the best of their ability. We can’t wait to return next season & can’t recommend this event enough to those who haven’t visited yet!


Have you visited Shocktoberfest this season? What was your favourite scare maze?

Thank you for reading!

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