Scare Review l Screamfest Burton *CONTAINS SPOILERS* 2021:

Last night we headed to a new-for-us scream park and one of which has been sat on my list to do for a good while. It turns out this is my new favourite scream park so far this season! Here’s a little chat to why!

Disclaimer: This Post Will Contain Spoilers. Please don’t read any further if you want to avoid them.

Love Hurts:

Rating 5/5

After hearing an insane amount of hype about this maze I was apprehensive before entering & it was the first of the evening. I did not know what to think nor expect. Once you enter you are then given a briefing before entering a cubicle I actually assumed we’d have to leave the way we entered, I had no idea the toilet had a door connected that alone set the tone for the scares to come perfectly. There was a reasonable fraction of the beginning with minimum actors & jumps. But once they began however, they just never stopped scaring you until you escaped the maze. I found the scares to arise from the scarcest unusual locations and those actors were nailing each of the scares a tad too perfectly for my liking haha. The finale was everything other than forgivable! I don’t like chainsaws at the best of times but the guy running towards us, wow I almost cried. This maze was worth all of it’s hyped and is so crowded with actors that once the scares commence you don’t grab a break or a breather until your out of the maze itself.  A maze which I would not suggest for anyone slightly unsure about doing mazes to enter this one.

Le Noir Theatre:

Unfortunately, after realizing this was a show I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle inside. So, I opted against it as I Don’t handle scares when I’m static.

Creed Farm:

Rating: 4/5

I was everything but prepared for the start point of this maze with the indoor pitch-black rope led room. At this point, I almost called it quits and left the maze as I genuinely can’t tolerate not seen where I am heading and what & who’s around me unless it’s a bag on the head style as there’s that bit of comfort. We had a few number of scares in this bit which just made it that extra bit tense nonetheless. Leaving the indoor sections our positioning in the group meant we saw a lot of the scares coming & it never gave the actors a fair amount of interval to reset for us, but that’s not to say they did not stay in character & try for us. However, that being said I did also manage to have some big scares throughout as some actors held back to allow the rest to go by before doing their scaring. The theming of this is something which I find generally quite eerie therefore I appreciated it but just wished the groups ahead were quicker but also fewer people in at one time. The finale again was horrible the chainsaw man did not pull any punches. I was worried the crow style characters were gonna scare me the same way the Thorpe Park ones did but they never really did. This is a pretty full-on maze and not once, to begin with, if you don’t like darker spaces.

Hillbilly Joe’s Zombie Zoo:

Rating: 5/5

We used our extra maze entry on this maze so we had two solid run-throughs. It’s that precise mixture of joy & dread. I chuckled & screamed out of terror but that fine balanced made it one of our favourites out of the entire season so far. There were so several creative hidey holes for actors to disguise in that gave us severe scares yet it was like a hot dog scaring us which is hilariously bizarre yet in that split second of the scare happening you genuinely felt terrified then spotted it was what it was then felt somewhat baffled. It’s a reasonable length too. There isn’t necessarily a second of this maze where I felt it could be better at all the scares were often ferocious yet it had that genuine light undertone too. I adore the actors throughout this maze & think they are terrific. I’d go as far as to say this is one of my favourite mazes for that combination of emotions you feel and for the wonderful theming set pieces and transitions throughout. I can understand as to why some may dislike this maze and prefer the thoroughly bred “scare mazes” instead but we quite enjoyed the healthy balance of fun, jumps & bizarre characters!

Freak Out:

Rating: 3/5

I am learning to accept that clown-themed mazes don’t inevitably do much for us. There’s only ever been two out of the time we have done them that gives us a scare. This maze did offer a limited mediocre jumps don’t get me wrong. However, the batching was a nightmare for this maze. It ended up in a conger line of two large batches therefore it felt problematic for the actors to scare everyone and reset ready for the next batch of people. If the groups weren’t so substantial entering at once it could have easily been a lot scarier. Again the theming was stunning in the introductory room you enter and the story was so unusual to the typical clown scares you often get, I do wish this part of the story continued throughout though. This maze has a lot of abilities if the groups were fewer entering together allowing the chance for the actors to be at their strongest for the scares. That being said it’s certainly not the terrible clown maze I have done but also not the best it sits beautifully in the middle. Also, I think the actors dealt with it well and did try their utter best to distance each group by holding them so the rest can leave which was good but unfortunately did not make a tremendous difference. Hopefully, this maze will return next season & we will be positioned in a better place of the batching to allow the maze to give us a fair chance at having a good run-through. 

Roaming Team:

In comparison to other roaming teams, I have experienced these were a lot more relaxed. There was several to interact with don’t get me wrong but they never really tried to frighten anyone as others have done & nor did they stick around all that long whilst interacting. One of the characters we saw the most was Pennywise he was everywhere I’m sure of it. The actor played it brilliantly but the face mask was just off a little which took away the spooky factor. It’s always lovely to see a roaming team regardless though. I do hope that this is an area which receives the improvements required but those who were roaming were great fun nonetheless. 

Live Band & Entertainment:

It was nice to relax & grab a few minutes with a drink to the fab entertainment on the stage. The live band were great. But then there was also other sorts of entertainment such as roaming actors having a boogie and a juggling guy. It had one of the nicest atmospheres you could ask for. It’s the first time this spooky season we’ve stood and watched an actual live band.

Food & Drink Stalls & Merchandise:

I was surprised by how reasonably priced everything was. A t shirt was £7.50 and a pint of beer was £3.70. That’s the best price I’ve seen at any of the events we have been to. There’s a wide range of food offerings as well. It just makes you feel more inclined to try the foods & drinks on offer but also to purchase merchandise whilst it’s that affordable. 


All in all, this is one of my favourite events of this season so far but also is my favourite Scream Park we have done as well. The atmosphere felt moderately chill yet spooky. Every member of staff we encountered was exceptionally lovely and I loved the way the maze system worked. It’s one of those I wish all scare events done with the lack of restrictions of only doing each maze once and instead if you want to skip the one you can re-enter another. It’s a must-do event for us going forward now and it’s so local to us as well. A huge well done to the whole team for establishing such an extraordinary event.


If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, definitely do! It’s an event not to be missed for anyone who loves all things spooky!

Thank you so much for reading!

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