Farewell Platform 15 – Thorpe Park Fright Nights 2021

So, it seems to be that Platform 15 is entering its final season, with its recent title; Platform 15; End of the Line. But I thought I’d take the time to have a chat about my love & hate relationship with the maze and potentially what the future may hold. So, without further ado let’s have a chat!

My Thoughts On Platform 15 – Pre-2021 Season:

I have only encountered this maze twice but it’s safe to say with the little amount of run-throughs I have had it doesn’t go unacknowledged how much of a staple attraction this was amongst the Fright Nights lineup. It almost became part of the furniture, right? Back in 2019 was the first time we got to experience this maze and there was a problem prior to us entering where security had to  be involved with. Therefore, it almost felt as if we lacked the scares due to what had happened prior which is not the parks nor the actor’s fault. But it did take away from the maze and left it as one of the weakest mazes that season.

However, 2020 was an odd year for all and it meant that this maze had its route reserved which saved this maze in my opinion. Upon entering the maze I almost expected something somewhat similar to the previous year and didn’t foresee many scares. I couldn’t have been any further from the truth. The maze was a whole world apart from our previous encounter. I had one of the biggest jumps scares of the season in this maze, it was so big my legs went so high I almost fell on my ass. It was brilliant.

The maze has always had this stunning touch of the the natural eerie atmosphere from its location. It offered some beautiful unique views of Thorpe Park especially during the dark when the park is all lit up, it’s extremely delightful. The changes which were made for the 2020 season just enhanced the beauty in my opinion. One of my favourite things about the theming of this maze is the use of the former train that used to operate around the park, that sat there alone is spooky in my opinion and I think it’s a brilliant way to add that touch of reminiscence of past attractions. The actors have always been extraordinary and last years finale illustrated that beautifully. I may have lacked fulfilment and scares during our first ever run-through but the theming and views on offer certainly made up for that. I am interested to see how this maze will be produced for this year.

Is It The Right Time To Say Farewell?

I believe it’s the perfect time to pop this maze on the shelf and say farewell. It seems only right such an iconic maze returned for the events 20th anniversary, in my opinion. The maze has been at the park for several years now and I think it’s fab that they are enabling people to enjoy it for one final time this year rather than just letting it slip away without any acknowledgement of its final season. I think it opens the area to some fab opportunities going forward.

What Could Be Next?

I feel as if this is a step into the future for this site. I have two things I speculate could come from it, all of which, are purely based on my opinions. One of which is this site could well be apart of any future actions set to happen aside from Fright Nights. It’s something which we are all aware of and that’s the want of a new rollercoasters at Thorpe Park. The former site of Loggers Leap is still sat SBNO & could well utilize in the future for the next development that may happen. The second thought I have on about this sites future is a brand new scare maze. I’d love to see a scare maze that incorporates sections of each iconic maze over the years, I’m unsure as to how it would work within this area. Either way, whatever the future does hold I have no doubt it will be fab.



What do you think the future of this maze holds? I’d love to hear your speculation amongst the comments.

Thank you for reading…


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