My Top 10 Flat Rides

I have shared my top 10 rollercoasters and dark rides therefore one area to cover is Flat Rides! I’m someone who either adores a flat ride or straight-up hate them there really isn’t much of an in-between in all honesty. I’d say I have experienced loads of flat rides in my time so narrowing it down to 10 of my ultimate favourites are turning out to be a lot harder than expected, partly because I struggle to remember them all.

Ain’t flat rides strange as they either make you have buzzing energy from how tremendous they are or spew your guts up with how vile they are. As I mentioned above there’s rarely an in-between of those two feelings. Right without me waffling on any further let’s get into this post and have a chin wag about my 10 favourite flat rides.

10) Sky Force – Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

I feel Sky Force is so effortlessly overlooked by the other flat rides that are in the UK. Skyforce is such an odd one as well. I will admit that as sometimes it can be the most thrilling and exciting ride but then others could well just be the most simple and plain ride you could imagine. It’s very weather dependent as if you ride during a windy day you’re going to have the most intense experience possible which is what I love but it also provides me with such a terror feeling in my belly when you can’t stop the spins. The main reason this has made the list is due to the fact that I love the control aspect of the ride experience.

Skyforce – Blackpool Pleasure Beach

9)  Volcano – Fantasy Island:

Ah, this shot tower was one I never rated all that greatly a few years back but last October I found myself loving it more than I did previously. There’s something remotely special about been shot into the air overlooking Fantasy Island during the dark. It really is a moment you wish you could capture and keep bottled up. By all means, it’s not all that forceful at all but it is fun.

8) The Bounty – Drayton Manor:

I am a sucker for a good old swinging ship and Bounty is my ultimate go-to for this kind of delight. Being situated over the lake enhances the fun and adrenaline particularly when you are sat on the back row. It has always been such an iconic flat ride and one I hope we don’t lose any time soon.

7) Hydra’s Challenge – Legoland Windsor:

I genuinely cherish this ride so much and always have so much joy with it. There is nothing better than pulling your little cart inwards to then suddenly go outwards, the wind in your hair as well as the wave you create. It is just fab I wish we had more across the UK.

6) Croc Drop – Chessington World of Adventures:

I wouldn’t say this sits this high for the ride itself but more or less for the overall experience and package that it offers. It really takes you on an adventure with the storyline and the audio will stick in your head for the rest of your day. The views from the top are truly wonderful as well.

5) Apocalypse – Drayton Manor:

It’s a love/hate relationship really. It truly is the most terrifying thing I have ever done. The sensation of that fall is traumatic. Yet I would detest to see it ever leave the park and would really miss it. What do you do when you are terrified of something which you also love?

4) Maelstrom – Drayton Manor:

Swinging through the sky is something that I adore, especially when it’s Maelstrom. The airtime and forces are immense. I love the sensation as you swing at the higher point than the forces as you swing downwards for the opposite higher point. It is just brill and those who have experienced are more than likely going to agree, right?

3) Rush – Thorpe Park:

Right, let’s get the unfavourable aspect of this out of the way which is the cycle is far too short. But that aside it’s a similar feeling to Maelstrom yet just feels more in-perilous with those tiny lap bars. It’s almost vile yet I kinda love to vibe with it. Is it even a good ride if you don’t fear for your life when you’re facing the floor at a reasonable height with just the tiny tiny lap bar holding you in?

2) Slammer – Thorpe Park:

Nothing quite compares to the anxiety and power of this little devil. I have never felt my body so close to popping through the sheer g forces felt on this thing. It was fierce in every single possible way yet it was just so good. I miss this ride more than I miss any other ride that we’ve lost in the UK. For me, it’ll take a lot to knock this off my 2nd spot for flat rides.

1) Hollywood Tower of Terror – Disneyland Paris:

This is classed a flat ride right? Well, please let me know what you class it as. I’ll never forget my first ride on this thing. I was speechless at how much I floated on the drops I have never in my life felt anything quite like it. It wasn’t too intense but my legs were up in the air and my bum did not touch the seat until we stopped. It was wild. So, insane that I simply adore the thing.  I cherish this ride more than anyone can comprehend and the theming alone is one crucial reason for that love too.

What are your top 10 flat rides? I’d love to hear all about them!

Thank you so much for reading..

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