5 Reasons You Should Take Your Non-Enthusiast Family & Friends To A Theme Park:

Honestly, there is nothing quite like taking a non-enthusiast along with you to a theme park visit & here is why!

First Reactions:

What is better than watching someone else’s first reactions to rides which we are all very familiar with? It’s always amusing to watch someone react to the likes of Oblivion or The Swarm for their initial rides!

Hearing Another Perspective:

I love to listen to someone else who’s not an enthusiast share their opinions on theme park things. A lot of enthusiasts have a fundamental line of similar thoughts on selected things that when you hear from someone on the outside it’s always intriguing!

Keeping Secrets:

If there’s a secret to be kept, keep it. Some rides have things that occur which nobody truly knows of without going into in-depth research. Therefore, keep that secret until it happens, I promise it’s worth it!


Theme parks are the perfect way of creating memories that last for ages. Take as many photos & videos as you can to cherish them forever.


The main time of year we take our family is during the Halloween season. Again, first reactions and just the general vibe is always electric between us all. But also we’ve got memories that we talk about so often from this time of year too!


There are so numerous reasons to why you should take your non-enthusiast family & friends to theme parks. It’s something which we adore to do and will continue doing for as long as we visit theme parks too. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this too!

Thank you so much for reading!

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