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Yesterday we had the privilege of attending the preview event for the brand new area at Legoland Windsor. I shared my thoughts on the UKs first flying theatre in yesterday blog post which can be found HERE. But today’s blog is all about the overall area & our thoughts on it. Without further ado let’s dive into the post!

Entrance, Theming & Audio: 

The entrance arch is fab and it’s nice to see a  line between this area and the remainder of the park. The area has several bits of theming to see & explore. Something I love about this area is the atmosphere even with a small number of people.  I also love the audio that fills the area it just put the cherry on top.

AR (Interactive) Figures: 

One of the cute details that are part of the area is bringing the Mythical Creatures to life & having the option to take pictures of them too. Simply download the Legoland app and scan the code on the sign at the figures then there’ll come to life! It’s a fab little touch & detail that has been added to make the area even more impressive.

The Hungry Troll: 

The newly re-themed fish & chip shop has re-opened alongside the area. We were kindly offered some snacks from this restaurant which were delightful. So, be sure to check out this eatery on your next visit!

The Rides:

The area consists of 4 rides all together with two drop towers next to one another. The only lasting attraction that was already here beforehand is the newly named Hydra Challenge. This ride has always been one of my favourites at Legoland and it made me extremely happy to jump back on board. It felt as if it had a new spring in its step and looks tremendous. The little boats themselves have been freshly painted and there is now new theming surrounding the ride.

Next door to Hydra Challenge is the two brand new drop towers, known as Fire & Ice Freefall. These are more or less intended for the younger audience nevertheless adults can also enjoy them. They are themed amazingly as well and feature what looked like projection mapping or screens on the top of them.

Flight of the Skylion the headline attraction for the area and UKs first of its kind. What a ride it is. All I’ll say in this review is to brave yourself to have your breath taken away from you with how beautiful it is. The full review is linked at the top of this blog post.

Other Attractions:

Aside from the rides, there is a lot to discover within the area including Creature Encounter & so much more. So, if your someone who doesn’t enjoy rides as such there is plenty to explore & experience aside from them.


Honestly, I’m not quite over how remarkable this area & rides within this area are. There is so much to do & investigate away from the rides that it’ll keep the entire family happy. It’s always a pleasure to have a new area & rides open here in the UK but this area especially the flying theatre is a world-class addition to the lineup. You have to check it out for yourself to comprehend how incredible it all is.

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Thank you so much for reading & speak again soon!

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