Attraction Review | The Flight of the Skylion – Legoland Windsor – SPOILER FREE

First of all thank Merlin Annual Pass / Legoland Windsor for inviting us down to experience this brand new ride & area. I am honestly still in awe whilst writing this blog post, so bare with me haha. Before I get into this blog post I thought I’d mention this was the first flying theatre that we have ever done & on that note let’s get into the review!


Facade / Queue Line:

The facade is absolutely beautiful Maximus the Skylion was much bigger than expected 8 looked incredible. Upon entering the queue line the atmosphere was set. There is glass cabinets with Lego figures amongst the queue line as well as Lego boards for post COVID times.

Pre-Show & Ride Carriage:

As you reach the end of the queue there is loading bays where you are given a lane & number to stand on, if you have experienced Tower of Terror at Disneyland Paris the loading system is very reminiscent. Once your given your colour & number from the member of staff, this will be your number for the pre-show & ride itself. Pre-show set the story perfectly as well as advising guest on how to prepare themselves for the ride.

The ride carriage weren’t quite what I had expected but this was the first time doing a flying theatre as I mentioned above. The seats were really comfy. As for the seat belts it’s a simple pull over your lap through the hoop and clip yourself in & pull the yellow tag to ensure your secure & your flight will begin!

The Ride Experience:

Honestly, I was mesmerised as soon as the ride carriage got into position for the ride experience itself. It was simply gorgeous in every way I had hoped. We had to ride it twice as our first ride we were so blown away by what was going on that it was almost impossible to take it all in!

There is so much happening that it’s difficult not to get lost amongst the story & experience. I found the mixture of 4D effects such as the wind & spray of water to the screen & storyline all combined to create a truly immersive & unique experience. The whole experience is breathtaking and the visuals are gorgeous. As for the duration, I think it’s the perfect length.


We are so lucky to have this incredible attraction in the UK! Legoland & the team have done an outstanding job with the ride, theming & story! We can’t recommend enough checking out this ride as well as the area! I’m really excited to head back later on in the year to experience it all over again! I can guarantee you’ll be blown away by this entire experience!

Lego Mythica Opens On The 29th May 2021. 

Thank you so much for reading! I’d love to hear all about your experiences once the the area opens tomorrow!

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