Nemesis and The Future…

So, 2 out of the 3 trips we’ve had to Alton Towers this season Nemesis has been closed the entire day. I mean Nemesis clearly dislikes us *eye roll* jokes aside though, It has raised a discussion in my brain as to what is going on and almost what needs to be done? Therefore, I thought I’d write all my opinions into a blog post for y’all to read and basically for us all to have a discussion about. Of course, these are simply MY opinions and that’s it, I know nothing. 

Over the last year or so Nemesis is gradually becoming more and more unreliable and tends to spend a lot of the time closed, or at least that’s the case for when  we have visited. It was once pretty rare to see this sort of thing with Nemesis at least. It used to be exceptionally reliable and hardly break down. Nemesis is 27 years old now the same age as the likes of The Big One and Shockwave. Of course, we can’t compare the downtime to both of those rollercoasters given they are relatively different and numerous elements affect their downtime.

There was a rumour circulating regarding a year closure and a re-track. This is something I’d love to see in all honesty. I’d hate to see Nemesis leave the park but would love to see it get the work that’s needed to bring it back to the reliability it once had. It has not aged all that bad as such but I would say the smooth edges have aged but it almost suits this ride and its theme down to the t with the less smooth corners etc. Nemesis is not rough by any means. However, if the problems to why it closes more than ever is down to track work needing to be done then I’d prefer to see it happen. It would make the ride & add a few more years to her sticking around which let’s face it whether it’s overrated or heavenly in your books no one wants to see the masterpiece go.

I honestly think the rumour mentioned above could come to light sooner rather than later. Nemesis always manages to entice a queue in more recent years and it’s a firm favourite amongst many. They could market it a re-track as the beast returns and even add additional theming around the surrounding area. It could easily be a huge marketing campaign to have the interest for the ride pumping & adding more appeals. Whatever it needs doing I hope gets done as it’ll be such a loss to the park and the UK ride line up to lose this fab coaster regardless of whether you rated it.

The day will arrive at some point where we will be taking our final rides but I am optimistic that day will not be anytime soon. What are your feelings on the situation?

Thank you so much for reading and be sure to share your opinions on this too!

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