5 Things I Love About Indoor Water Rides

I love water rides as a whole but when it comes down to indoor water rides I have a special kind of love really. But why do I love indoor water rides so much? Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to have a chat about.


Oh theming is a way to my heart in all honesty. I always find some of the best-themed rides are indoor water rides purely because they rely so heavily on that theming to create an experience that’s far from boring. Pretty much every single indoor boat ride that I have experienced has always had an insane level of theming and attention to detail too. Theming alone is something that makes these rides so beautiful and special in my opinion. If the set pieces have no more room without becoming too much then it’s perfect.


I know you can get shorter durations occasionally but strictly speaking, the majority have an over 10-minute duration which is quite lengthy when you compared it to the average log flume. I adore sitting in the station knowing I can get comfortable on the boat because I won’t have to move again for a fair length of time and know I have an entire experience that I’m about to get lost within.


I’m not entirely sure if this is something anyone else can relate to? But I always feel so much warmth and homeliness whenever I experience a ride of this kind it doesn’t matter in regards to the theme or anything I instantly feel at home. I’m fairly confident this comes down to the fact I feel in love with theme parks and this hobby through an indoor boat ride so perhaps that’s why.

A Break Away:

I love adrenaline, rollercoasters and just the madness of theme parks but I also love to take 5 and have a break especially when that break is on this kind of ride. There is not anything better in my opinion than going on an adventure whilst having a break from the thrills.

Always Exciting:

There is not one indoor boat ride that I don’t get excited to experience and that includes River Caves. Over the years there is a lack of these kinds of rides opening and a fair few closing but not returning too. So I love to make the most out of the ones we do have left to experience because I hate the thought of losing any more. I also love the new season feeling of not knowing whether there are any changes inside or if anything has gotten an update, it’s always exciting!

If you also have this kind of love like I do, I’d love to hear all about it in the comments or over on my socials!

Thank you so much for reading…

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