What’s Next For Nickelodeon Land at Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

This year marks the big 10 year anniversary for Nickelodeon Land at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, which COULD mean that the IP may be coming to an end. Which then leaves the big question of what could be next for this area? So I thought I’d have a chit chat about what I’d like to see happen next moving forward, by all means, this is purely down to my speculation and also just opinions, nothing factual.

IP Remains:

Of course, the first option is the Nickelodeon IP may remain and this area will have many more years to come. If this does happen I think we’d see just small updates across the area to keep it up to date with the latest shows and characters from Nickelodeon. I can’t see anymore rides getting added in all honesty however if there’s removal of some then perhaps,

Return Of The Beavers:

I loved the Beaver Creek land which was Nickelodeon Land before its time. The entrance to Zipper Dipper was always something I was obsessed with as it just felt so warm and welcoming. I would love to see this area return to its previous theme although I’m not sure how they could go about it other than just updating the old theming and changing the names of the rides. I’d also love to see the return of the Rollercoaster rather than Nickelodeon Streak, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the orange paint in all honesty.

New In-House Themed Land:

Similar to The Beavers returning perhaps a completely brand new in-house theme would be a fab idea. Brightly coloured rides, character interactions and even an update to the ride line up and could really be fab. I’d love to even see the introduction to some themed audio across the area to which could tie into the theme. I just think parks own branded themes work really well and can really highlight the beauty of what parks are capable of.

Basically whatever Pleasure Beach decide to next will be fab. Although I would love to see a new or returning theme come back into the area. What would you like to see happen within this area of Pleasure Beach? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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