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Brand new for the 2021 season, Croc Drop. A new SBF Visa drop tower ride home within the Forbidden Kingdom area of the park. This ride reaches a maximum height of 84ft. After experiencing it, I couldn’t resist but put together an entire review on my thoughts of the ride and the whole package of theming and audio that comes along with it.


Once you are within the park and heading towards the Forbidden Kingdom whichever routes you take is sat above the majority of the skyline of the park and the closer you become the more impressive it becomes. The theming structure (Crocodiles mouth) that surrounds the ride itself is mind-blowing. The intense level of attention to detail is something that I wasn’t expecting. But also the audio fills the surrounding area of the ride and sets the atmosphere perfectly. I think it’s also important to mention how fun it is to watch whilst off ride too. I found watching the smoke rise from the mouth as the ride carriage creeps its way up to the top is so immersive. The smoke almost creates this real dramatised start point to the ride which is just lush for those on the ride as well as spectators.

Station / Queue Line:

The main theming which grabbed my attention throughout the queue line was the ride itself so perhaps I missed some of the theming that is amongst the area. But the station is lush. The way the doors open and the audio changes alongside smoke leaves the station as you enter, it is so atmospheric and immersive. Once you in the station the audio chanting the slogan just fills your ears and again it just feels epic.

Throughputs & Restraints:

Throughputs were something I was on the fence with when it comes down to what to expect. The carriage seats 16 I believe and on busier days I expect it to gather a decent length queue for various reasons including the fact it is a brand new ride for the park. However, during our visit, the throughputs seemed incredibly fast from the moment of entering the station to the ride starting it was a minute or less easily. The restraints are immense. They sit so nicely on your shoulders and everything far from restrictive. The seatbelt and positioning of the overall restraints are incredibly comfortable. In all honesty, it is probably the best restraints I’ve experienced so far. I also loved the fact COVID safety is at the forefront of this ride experience too with the perspective shield between each seat and it doesn’t impact the ride experience at all.

Ride Experience:

I am not someone who enjoys drop towers at the best of times but I know I enjoy Magma at Paultons Park which is essentially the same ride model as Croc Drop. Therefore I never hesitated about giving it a shot. Admittedly on the climb up, I did feel a bit anxious given the height is pretty decent, to say the least. The view from the peak of the ride is beautiful and the fact the carriage circulates as well offers the entire view of the park which is a beautiful opportunity to embrace whilst up there. The initial drop never really done much for me which left me almost confused as I expected a lot. However, the one after the longer holder at the top was immense. The ride is perfect for the entire family to enjoy and it’s not too intense but it isn’t exactly dull neither. It is family-friendly. The theming and effects make it all feel so much more epic and grand than anything else I have experienced. Leaving the station with little vision due to the smoke is a touch I love a lot. It’s a ride that I could easily sit on all day and not get bored in the slightest.


I honestly love this ride so much and even more, than I ever anticipated I would too. It has slotted into Chessington so nicely that it’s hard to imagine anything ever sat within that space beforehand. I think it has also made the area complete but also it has made Chessington feel insanely modernised and fresh. The entire team that has worked on this ride should be so proud of themselves as this has to be one of the best investments at the park. Everyone is bound to love this ride whether your a drop tower lover or not it is just perfect for all ages, preferences and even spectators that aren’t fond of rides as a whole. It’s also ridiculously photogenic which is just an added bonus. Seen and experiencing this ride has made me so excited for what is potentially next for the park and how the park will continue to become an even better version of itself in the years ahead. The UK is lucky to have this world-class ride added to the line up of rides we have already.

Have you experienced Croc Drop yet or are you planning to experience it? I’d love to have a chat with you guys about it in the comments of this post or across our social media accounts.

Thank you so much for reading as always and speak again soon..x

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