Rating Alton Towers Rollercoasters – September 2020

So Thursday we visited Alton Towers for the first time in a few months actually. It was also the first time experiencing X Sector this year. I found that my opinions on the rollercoasters has changed, yet again! Therefore I thought I’d have a chin wag with you guys about how I rate these coasters & basically a gossip about them individually. Of course, this whole post is purely MY opinions & not facts. If your wondering why I’ve put the date in the title, it’s purely so this time next year I can reflect & update this post!

Okay, I’ll begin with Oblivion. I rate this coaster a 4.5 out of 5. The ONLY reason it’s not 5/5 is purely due to how fast it’s all over. It could definitely do with been a little longer. I mean of course, at the time of construction it was the first of its kind to be built, which is fair. But other than that it’s genuinely one of my favourites within the park!

Look, I fully respect it for what it is. But honestly Thursdays ride was horrific. We unfortunately got back row which no doubt is the worst place to be anyway. However it felt so rough. I’d go as far as to say it was on par with Grand National wheel seat. I can’t rank it any lower because the fact we duelled really made it for me.

I’m really not sure anything could be better with Thirteen. It offers everything I love. Airtime, tad of thrill & theming. There’s one thing currently which I dislike at the minute due to COVID is the creepy water dudes at the back of the train, they give me some serious heebie-jeebies.

If I’m honest I genuinely adore Rita. However the only thing which doesn’t push it over to 5/5 is simply the tightening of the restraints mid ride. I often find by time I hit the brakes I’m just about able to breath. I’m unsure as to whether that’s just me though? Let me know if you feel the same happen to you!

I’ll be honest I struggle to hack the intensity the older I get. I find more often than not I’m blacked out over the station. Although that’s some aspect of the fun I would however like to remember experience too haha. But genuinely I found on Thursday she was quite rattly.

I’m going by last season as we’ve still not done it yet due to been spited due to downtime. However personally I cherish this rollercoaster. The main downfalls for me is the padding from the VR days as it makes the restraints quite uncomfortable.

It is what it is. It’s a lot of fun but also has gotten fairly rough now days. Yet it’s the oldest in the park right now therefore you have to give & take really. I still love the interactive aspect with rapids and “choo choo”.

I adore it. It’s my favourite rollercoaster within the U.K for a fine fact. I genuinely can’t think of anything wrong with the coaster at all. It’s incredibly themed and offers it all. I think the roughness which has come with age has just simply added more joy into the coaster than anything. It feels like a real wooden rollercoaster now but just simply the best. I love Wickerman and can NEVER get enough.

Again, we haven’t rode it this year mainly due to wanting to experience the rest of the coaster line up. However going by last season we actually quite enjoyed it. It’s a lot of fun. But of course in comparison to the others on offer it doesn’t quite compare.

I’m aware I’ve skipped Octanatus however I feel it’s simply pointless adding it into this list. But for the record it’s fab and I do love it a lot!

How do you rate the rollercoasters at Alton Towers? Let us know in the comments!

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