Rollercoaster Fears: Starting Off Big or Small..

I’ve decided to produce a little series about rollercoaster anxiety. I’m aware we can’t visit theme parks right now, but I hope this is helpful for those wanting to overcome fears after lockdown. Funny enough I suffered pretty badly from this growing up. Therefore I aim to help one other overcome this anxiety & fear. Together we shall kick that anxietys ass. It would be fab if you guys can join in across the comments too!


Okay, this may not be an option for everyone which is why we’ll discuss the pros & cons below of starting small. There’s many possibilities when it comes to starting big with rollercoasters. One of which is you may scare yourself, even more, depending on the rollercoaster type. If it’s a coaster which consist of several inversions, high speed and height it could well scare you completely off them. Or it could push you right into the deep end and that’s it your over it and ready to conquer another coaster without feeling anxious anymore.

Facing any of the anxiety you feel about coasters especially big ones could well be solved by starting of big to then know what exactly are your limits or if you have any at all. Occasionally peer pressure may help with this as well, we all know friends who are a tad too convincing when it comes to trying new things. So that behaviour may be beneficial in just going for these more intimidating rollercoasters but also if you don’t feel ready or comfortable then it’s okay to say no.


Of course many of us do decide to start of small then work our way up. I think to start off small can give you the taste of larger coasters therefore your become more & more eager to get up that ladder. It could well be the case that smaller coasters are something which you’d rather stick to which is completely fine, of course, that’s your preference. But I think starting of small can impact what you actually wish to experience. How could you know whether you like speed, intensity, inversions or heights when all you’ve tried is small coasters. Therefore you dive in head first into a big thrill coaster you’ll have experiences all of the typical fears and know your limits or what you enjoy more of!


I think it’s all down to you and what limits your willing to push yourself. Of course, if your yet to experience an inversion or high speeds it’s always bound to be daunting. I’ve been there and no doubt many others too. I found a little bit of pressure and showing of to my friends helped to get me on my first looping rollercoaster. But if you start of small and fancy settling for those type of rollercoasters, go for it.

Majority of my favourite rollercoasters lack inversions but are more or less family based. However if you do start of big remember you never have to experience whatever rollercoaster you just done again. It’s all about finding out your comfort zone and preferences. Once you have that nailed there’ll be next to no anxiety as you’ll understand what you enjoy & don’t.

I hope this is helpful in regards to overcoming anxiety surrounding rollercoasters. This is a series which will continue for a few more Saturdays. Any topic you’d like me to discuss please feel free to let me know!

Thank you for reading…

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