90 Years of The Ghost Train at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

This season marks 90 whole years of operations for the Ghost Train. It’s insane to think it’s been running for that long right? I thought it be cute to pop together this post talking all about it! I’d love to hear your earliest memories & thoughts on this fab ride!

My earliest memory was about 10 years ago now. It was either the summer or May I can’t remember. We were on a family holiday to Blackpool and I felt little brave so I finally got on the Ghost Train. I reckon I had my eyes closed for a good 90% of the actual ride! But I remember the werewolf making me jump and how scared I was on the lower section of the ride. Honestly not much has changed since then but now I have my eyes open!

Of course if your familiar with the Ghost Train you’ll know they have updated many scenes and effects in there, not even just this year! It always receive regular work which I think is incredible and really does enhance the lifespan of the ride! I have no doubt there’s some classic elements inside still. But since my first ride 10 years ago majority of the theming remains with plenty of new bits too.

I adore the pride Pleasure Beach takes on this ride. It’s rare it’ll ever look worst for wear. The latest edition to the scenes has packed an insane amount of life into the ride again. It’s a real fun dark ride with the most naturally eerie atmosphere possible. It shows how well Pleasure Beach can do with theming. The theming is immense & the facade itself looks fab right? We can’t wait to ride it again on our next visit!

It’s a ride which I have grown to adore. I can’t lie that some sections do still scare me and it is super eerie. More or less when you know something has changed but you haven’t experienced it yet that always gets me on the edge of my seat for sure. We both love dark rides and this is one of our favourites. It’s an absolute classic and one which we hope last for many more years to come.

Be sure to head to Pleasure Beach and embrace this fab 90 year old ride!

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