3 Unpopular Rollercoasters We Enjoy…

There’s a fair few rollercoasters which receive quite some stick. But we’ve rode them and ended up quite enjoying them. Let us know any of your loved one that pretty much nobody else likes.

Infusion – Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

Let me begin with saying I can see why people dislike this rollercoaster. There’s been many times we’ve had brutal rides on it. But recently it’s been riding beautifully. Very smooth and insanely intense. If you have the chance to ride front row definitely do it. You won’t regret it.

Air / Galactica – Alton Towers:

There is always a lot of comments about how boring this rollercoaster is. Which yes it definitely is not the most thrilling at all. But for us it’s one we are guilty of adoring. Sometimes we can’t get enough. Admittedly we did dislike it when it had the VR added. But all in all it’s a lovely rollercoaster.

Shockwave – Drayton Manor:

I couldn’t tell you how this rollercoaster rides on any other row except the front. We always opt for the front row to have the best ride possible. But many dislike it. Which we can understand given the odd sensation of standing can be uncomfortable for anyone. It does have the brutal zero g roll too. But for us we quite enjoy this ride experience.

What rollercoasters do you enjoy that nobody else really does?


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