Top 10 Rides Of All Time

It’s super easy to separate your top whatever into categories right? Usually you’ll have a top 10 coasters, dark rides and parks. But today I thought I’d combined all the rides I’ve ridden and list them into my top 10 favourites. I’d love to know yours too!!

I always say how much of a staple rollercoaster this is in the UK. Which I still stand by every time I think of this coaster. It’s easily one of the best rides of all time simply due to the horrific but fab drop and it dominates the Blackpool promenade.

Personally for me I think this is one of those rides which blew me away. The scenes and animatronics are insanely life like. Therefore it’s definitely one of the best rides to exist and perhaps that’s just me thinking that.

I believe this was the UKs first Vekoma Madhouse and it’s the best too. As the years have gone on and the more refurbishments and little touches Drayton Manor have done the better the ride has become.

UKs only winged rider and it’s simply one of the strongest rollercoasters in the UK. The surrounding area with the sheer amount of intense theming and everything that comes with this coaster just makes it one of the best.

Whether your a UK enthusiast or not your bound to know all about Nemesis. It has this pure love around this rollercoaster that touches many. Genuinely it’s one of the strongest rollercoaster there is I have no doubt. There’s such die hard fan base for this rollercoaster it’s almost impossible to not acknowledge how much of a staple and how it’s one of the best rides of all time.

Genuinely this has to be THE best ghost train styled ride there is. The entire package that comes with the experience is insane. How the carriages move throughout the scenes and the theming of the set pieces it all combines into one beautiful ride.

It is genuinely a beast. The launch has the most insanely satisfying the sound we’ve heard. It’s so high as well fast but it all comes together to create the best ride.

Family rollercoaster or not this is one of best rides of all time. It caters for almost everyone and combines physical theming as well natural theming like the actual woods. Basically, it has everything.

The duration of this rollercoaster is quite literally perfect. There’s so much to take in and so much goodness into one rollercoaster it’s almost impossible to not love this ride. The indoor sections always took me by surprise as they just feel so much faster and intense. It’s a rollercoaster which is almost impossible to not acknowledge this as one of the best all time rides.

If you have been following us for a while or even since last November you’ll know our love for this ride. I’ll pop the full blog post here for you to read. But genuinely this is one of the best rides of all time. It has so much compacted into its building and every area is filled with some inch theming. Not to forget the actual sensation you have whilst riding the actual ride is insane. We have never felt airtime / floating like it before.

What are your top 10 rides of all time? Let us know in the comments or across our socials.

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