I Miss Slammer & X at Thorpe Park

Okay, the title legit says it all about this blog post. I don’t think I need to give an introduction do I? Well I hope you enjoy this blog post & if you feel the same as me please let me know!

So Slammer was in fact the first out of the two to go. It’s currently sat there SBNO and every time I see it, I remember how much I miss this flat ride. It was in fact the ONLY Skysquat in the world left to operate. However in 2017 I believe it got announced that this ride will never operate again. It was a sad time & it’s a ride I’ll never be able to get over. Personally it was our favourite flat ride we had ever ridden. Admittedly it was a brutal sensation of been popped from the sheer amount of intensity of Gs. Yet it’s the reason why we loved it. As much as I’d love to say I’d love for it to reopen the chances are extremely thin. But if it was to ever happen I’d be over the moon.

Okay, yes X still operates today technically. But the theming isn’t the same therefore I miss X. Yes The Walking Dead theme is done quite nicely and is fab for those who enjoy the TV show. But in all honesty it’s not X is it? This theme was fab who wouldn’t want to have an indoor rave whilst on a coaster? During its final season as X I think it was at its finest with it’s fab soundtrack. It was always that ride I couldn’t wait to do on park and it really broke the day up from the horror themes and big coasters. I pray that one day we will see this theme return to this coaster.

Do you miss either of these rides? Let me know in the comments or across our socials.

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