How Long Do You Need For A Disneyland Paris Trip?

Something which I wondered before visiting was whether we booked too long. Turns out we definitely never and ended up never wanting to leave. But the question is, is DLP do able in one day?

My personal answer is no. It’s a two – three day park for certain. There’s so much to experience and discover that it’s almost impossible to get it all done in one day. We went during the week and the park was extremely quiet with some rides maximum queue being at 5 minutes. Yet it took 3 days for us to see and do all the things we wanted to do. Plus we are returning next year to experience the rest so the little walk throughs etc.

If your the type of person who is visiting to simply grab some creds or experience the coasters. One day is more than enough time to do so. Especially given their fast track system on majority of the coasters. However if your the person who wishes to explore the entire park including every ride then you’ll need more than 2 days.

Another factor which comes into account for this answer is the time of year. If you visit during a peak period you’ll need as many days as possible. Whereas if you visit during a transition period between seasons like we did you can get the whole park done in regards to ride within two days.

Not to forget the second theme park. Hollywood Studios is next door therefore we’d recommend half a day for that park currently given a lot is closed of. That park is a simple half of day job and you’ll done everything inside. If your limited for time during your visit we’d recommend choosing a day where the opening hours are fairly lengthy. As you’ll have a better chance of getting the park completed.

We hope this blog post is somewhat useful and answered any questions you may have.

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